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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Formant extraction from group delay functionMurthy, H.A.; Yegnanarayana, B.
2011Group delay functions and its applications in speech technologyMurthy, H.A.; Yegnanarayana, B.
2006Language identification using acoustic log-likelihoods of syllable-like unitsNagarajan, T.; Murthy, H.A.
2003Minimum phase signal derived from root cepstrumNagarajan, T.; Kamakshi Prasad, V.; Murthy, H.A.
2014Modified group delay feature based total variability space modelling for speaker recognitionMadikeri, S.R.; Talambedu, A.; Murthy, H.A.
1999Robust text-independent speaker identification over telephone channelsMurthy, H.A.; Beaufays, F.; Heck, L.P.; Weintraub, M.
2011Robustness of group delay representations for noisy speech signalsKrishnan Parthasarathi, S.H.; Padmanabhan, R.; Murthy, H.A.
1992Significance of Group Delay Functions in Spectrum EstimationYegnanarayana, B.; Murthy, H.A.
2007Significance of joint features derived from the modified group delay function in speech processingHegde, R.M.; Murthy, H.A.; Gadde, V.R.R.
2007Significance of the modified group delay feature in speech recognitionHegde, R.M.; Murthy, H.A.; Gadde, V.R.R.
1991Speech processing using group delay functionsMurthy, H.A.; Yegnanarayana, B.
2004Subband-based group delay segmentation of spontaneous speech Into syllable-like unitsNagarajan, T.; Murthy, H.A.
1995Transformation of formants for voice conversion using artificial neural networksNarendranath, M.; Murthy, H.A.; Rajendran, S.; Yegnanarayana, B.