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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A hybrid convex variational model for image restorationSurya Prasath, V.B .; Singh, A.
2014A survey on computing prime implicants and implicates in classical and non-classical logicsRaut, M.K.; Singh, A.
2007An algorithm for computing theory prime implicates in first order logicSingh, A.; Raut, M.K.
1999Computing prime implicants via transversal clausesSingh, A.
1996CoumurrayinRajnikant; Singh, A.; Lal, M.; Varghese, B.; Gupta, V.K.
2015Effects of heat exchanger design on the performance of a solid state hydrogen storage deviceSingh, A.; Maiya, M.P.; Murthy, S.S.
2015Energetic and topological determinants of a phosphorylation-induced disorder-to-order protein conformational switchGopi, S.; Rajasekaran, N.; Singh, A.; Ranu, S.; Naganathan, A.N.
2009Finite element simulation of natural convection flow in a trapezoidal enclosure filled with porous medium due to uniform and non-uniform heatingBasak, T.; Roy, S.; Singh, A.; Pop, I.
2011In-situ synthesis of TiC/SiC/Ti 3SiC 2 composite coatings by spark plasma sinteringSingh, A.; Bakshi, S.R.; Virzi, D.A.; Keshri, A.K.; Agarwal, A.; Harimkar, S.P.
2003Lardy's regularization of a singularly perturbed elliptic PDESingh, A.; Sheela, S.
2004Lavrentiev regularization of a singularly perturbed elliptic PDESheela, S.; Singh, A.
2015Magnetic Nanoparticles Labeled Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Pragmatic Solution toward Targeted Cancer TheranosticsSingh, A.; Jain, S.; Senapati, S.; Verma, R.S.; Sahoo, S.K.
2010Multichannel image restoration using combined channel information and robust M-estimator approachPrasath, S.V.B .; Singh, A.
2010Multispectral image denoising by well-posed anisotropic diffusion scheme with channel couplingPrasath, V.B.S .; Singh, A.
2009Natural convection flow simulation for various angles in a trapezoidal enclosure with linearly heated side wall(s)Basak, T.; Roy, S.; Singh, A.; Pandey, B.D.
2009Natural convection flows in porous trapezoidal enclosures with various inclination anglesBasak, T.; Roy, S.; Singh, A.; Balakrishnan, A.R.
2014On refined Ritz vectors and polynomial characterizationRavibabu, M.; Singh, A.
2004Prime implicants of first order formulas via transversal clausesRaut, M.K.; Singh, A.
2004Showalter regularization of a singularly perturbed PDESingh, A.; Sheela, S.
2001Tikhonov regularization of an elliptic PDESheela, S.; Singh, A.