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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19732-Imino-4-oxo-1,3-thiazolidine complexes of cobalt(II) halidesUdupa, M.R.; Krishnan, G.; Aravamudan, G.
1973A basic formate of uranium(VI)Sampath, S.; Aravamudan, G.
1966A new method for the titrimetric determination of perchlorateAravamudan, G.; Krishnan, V.
1996A novel mixed ligand Te(IV) complex comprising three halides and a dithiocarbamate; synthesis and crystal structure of triiododiethyldithiocarbamatotellurium(IV), Te{(C2H5)2NCS2}I3Krishna Kumar, R.; Aravamudan, G.; Udupa, M.R.; Seshasayee, M.; Selvam, P.; Yvon, K.
1989A novel mixed valence iodide bridged Te(II)-Te(IV) complex featuring diisopropyldithiocarbamate(L) and iodide: ILTeII(I)TeIVL2IGanesh, V.; Seshasayee, M.; Kumar, V.; Chidambaram, Sp.; Aravamudan, G.; Goubitz, K.; Schenk, H.
1972A rapid volumetric method for determination of thallium(I)Chandrasekharan, M.; Rao, V.R.S.; Aravamudan, G.
1964An apparatus for low and high temperature optical goniometry of hygroscopic crystalsAravamudan, G.; Murthy, G.S.; Ramaseshan, S.
1973Complexation of tellurium(II) with thioglycolic acid and reactivity patterns of the systemAravamudan, G.; Sethuraman, P.R.; Udupa, M.R.
1978Complexes of N,N-Di-(β-hydroxyethyl)-dithiocarbamate with transition and post transition elements [Komplexe von N,N-Di-(β-hydroxyäthyl)-dithiocarbaminat mit Übergangs- und Nachübergangs-Elementen]Sejekan, B.G.; Aravamudan, G.
1974Complexes of palladium(II) and platinum(II) with mercaptoacetic and 3-mercaptopropionic acidsChandrasekharan, M.; Udupa, M.R.; Aravamudan, G.
1978Complexes of Te(IV), Te(II) and Se(II) with 2,2?-iminodiethanoldithiocarbamateSejekan, B.G.; Janakiram, C.; Aravamudan, G.
1989Crystal and molecular structure of bis(o-phenylenethiourea)selenium(II)chloride dihydrate, C14H12N4S2Cl2Se�2H2OChidambaram, Sp.; Aravamudan, G.; Ganesh, V.; Seshasayee, M.; Sibanova, T.A.; Merinov, B.V.; Simonov, V.I.
1983Crystal and molecular structure of chlorotris[bis(2-hydroxyethyl)dithiocarbamato]tellurium(IV) dihydrateAppa Rao, G.V.N.; Seshasayee, M.; Aravamudan, G.; Radha, K.
1985Crystal and molecular structure of tetrakis-(phenylenethiourea)tellurium(II) perchlorate hexahydrate, C28H24N8O8S4Cl2Te�6H2ORout, G.C.; Seshasayee, M.; Aravamudan, G.; Sowrirajan, S.
1986Crystal structure of tris(o-phenylenethiourea)selenium(II) bromide pentahydrate, C21H18N6S3Br2Se�5H2OChidambaram, S.P.; Aravamudan, G.; Rout, G.C.; Seshasayee, M.
1987Cyclic voltammetric and infrared spectral studies on the interaction of Ni(II) dithiocarbamates with triphenylphosphine and the crystal and molecular structure of diethyldithiocarbamatobis(triphenylphosphine)nickel(II)perchlo-rate, [Ni(dedtc)(PPh3)2]ClO4Ramalingam, K.; Aravamudan, G.; Seshasayee, M.
1973Cysteine complexes of palladium(II) and platinum(II)Chandrasekharan, M.; Udupa, M.R.; Aravamudan, G.
1974Determination of iodide with chloramine-TVenkappayya, D.; Aravamudan, G.
1982Determination of trace quantities of selenium by indirect atomic-absorption spectrophotometryVijayakumar, M.; Ramakrishna, T.V.; Aravamudan, G.
1982Electrical properties of InxMCh2 (M � Nb, Ta; Ch � S, Se)Sunandana, C.S.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Aravamudan, G.; Rao, G.V.S.