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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A comparison of mechanical and wear properties of plasma sprayed carbon nanotube reinforced aluminum composites at nano and macro scaleBakshi, S.R.; Keshri, A.K.; Agarwal, A.
2012Ab-initio molecular modeling of interfaces in tantalum-carbon systemBalani, K.; Bakshi, S.R.; Mungole, T.; Agarwal, A.
2014Al-Si-Mn alloy coating on aluminum substrate using cold metal transfer (CMT) welding techniqueRajeev, G.P.; Kamaraj, M.; Bakshi, S.R.
2011Computational estimation of elastic properties of spark plasma sintered TaC by meshfree and finite element methodsBakshi, S.R.; Bhargava, A.; Mohammadizadeh, S.; Agarwal, A.; Tsukanov, I.
2014Effect of carbon nanotube dispersion on mechanical properties of aluminum-silicon alloy matrix compositesChandran, P.; Sirimuvva, T.; Nayan, N.; Shukla, A.K.; Murty, S.V.S.N.; Pramod, S.L.; Sharma, S.C.; Bakshi, S.R.
2015Effect of Sc addition on the microstructure and wear properties of A356 alloy and A356-TiB<inf>2</inf> in situ compositePramod, S.L.; Prasada Rao, A.K.; Murty, B.S.; Bakshi, S.R.
2013Graphene-induced strengthening in spark plasma sintered tantalum carbide-nanotube compositeLahiri, D.; Khaleghi, E.; Bakshi, S.R.; Li, W.; Olevsky, E.A.; Agarwal, A.
2011In-situ synthesis of TiC/SiC/Ti 3SiC 2 composite coatings by spark plasma sinteringSingh, A.; Bakshi, S.R.; Virzi, D.A.; Keshri, A.K.; Agarwal, A.; Harimkar, S.P.
2015Low temperature synthesis of dense TiB2 compacts by reaction spark plasma sinteringKarthiselva, N.S.; Murty, B.S.; Bakshi, S.R.
2013Processing copper-carbon nanotube composite powders by high energy millingShukla, A.K.; Nayan, N.; Murty, S.V.S.N.; Mondal, K.; Sharma, S.C.; George, K.M.; Bakshi, S.R.
2013Processing of copper-carbon nanotube composites by vacuum hot pressing techniqueShukla, A.K.; Nayan, N.; Murty, S.V.S.N.; Sharma, S.C.; Chandran, P.; Bakshi, S.R.; George, K.M.
2013Recent developments in surface engineering of materialsHarimkar, S.P.; Bakshi, S.R.; Agarwal, A.
2013Ultrahigh-pressure consolidation and deformation of tantalum carbide at ambient and high temperaturesLahiri, D.; Singh, V.; Rodrigues, G.R.; Costa, T.M.H.; Gallas, M.R.; Bakshi, S.R.; Seal, S.; Agarwal, A.