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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A complete heatline analysis on mixed convection within a square cavity: Effects of thermal boundary conditions via thermal aspect ratioRamakrishna, D.; Basak, T.; Roy, S.; Pop, I.
2011A complete heatline analysis on visualization of heat flow and thermal mixing during mixed convection in a square cavity with various wall heatingBasak, T.; Pradeep, P.V.K.; Roy, S.
2011A comprehensive heatline based approach for natural convection flows in trapezoidal enclosures: Effect of various walls heatingBasak, T.; Ramakrishna, D.; Roy, S.; Matta, A.; Pop, I.
2011A comprehensive theoretical analysis for the effect of microwave heating on the progress of a first order endothermic reactionBhattacharya, M.; Basak, T.; Senagala, R.
2002A fixed-grid finite element based enthalpy formulation for generalized phase change problems: Role of superficial mushy regionBhattacharya, M.; Basak, T.; Ayappa, K.G.
2005A generalized analysis on material invariant characteristics for microwave heating of slabsBasak, T.; Kumaran, S.S.
2009A new microwave processing strategy for food-ceramic composite layer confined within ceramic platesDurairaj, S.; Basak, T.
2006A novel closed-form analysis on asymptotes and resonances of microwave powerBhattacharya, M.; Basak, T.
2008A novel concept on discrete samples for efficient microwave processing of materialsBasak, T.; Samanta, S.K.; Jindamwar, A.
2012A Peclet number based analysis of mixed convection for lid-driven porous square cavities with various heating of bottom wallBasak, T.; Roy, S.; Chamkha, A.J.
2013A simplified approach to derive Cleland model for enzymatic reactionsSaraswathi, G.; Panda, T.; Basak, T.
2006A theoretical analysis on microwave heating of food slabs attached with ceramic plates: Role of distributed microwave incidenceBasak, T.; Meenakshi, A.
2013A theoretical study on the use of microwaves in reducing energy consumption for an endothermic reaction: Role of metal coated bounding surfaceBhattacharya, M.; Basak, T.
2012Analysis of Bejan's heatlines on visualization of heat flow and thermal mixing in tilted square cavitiesSingh, A.K.; Roy, S.; Basak, T.
2013Analysis of convective heat flow visualization within porous right angled triangular enclosures with a concave/convex hypotenuseBasak, T.; Anandalakshmi, R.; Biswal, P.
2010Analysis of distributed thermal management policy for energy-efficient processing of materials by natural convectionKaluri, R.S .; Basak, T.
2012Analysis of energy management via entropy generation approach during natural convection in porous rhombic enclosuresAnandalakshmi, R.; Basak, T.
2013Analysis of entropy generation due to natural convection for hot and cold materials confined within two entrapped triangular cavitiesBasak, T.; Anandalakshmi, R.; Sruthi, T.P.A.
2011Analysis of entropy generation due to natural convection in rhombic enclosuresAnandalakshmi, R.; Basak, T.
2012Analysis of entropy generation due to natural convection in tilted square cavitiesKumar Singh, A.; Roy, S.; Basak, T.