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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20051,3:4,6-Di-O-benzylidene-D-mannitol as a source for novel chiral intermediates through regioselective reductive cleavageAravind, A.; Baskaran, S.
2002A chemoselective method for the reductive N-formylation of aryl azides under catalytic transfer hydrogenation conditionsReddy, P.G.; Baskaran, S.
2014A chemoselective oxidation of monosubstituted ethylene glycol: Facile synthesis of optically active ?-hydroxy acidsChinthapally, K.,; Baskaran, S.
2000A convenient method for the N-formylation of secondary amines and anilines using ammonium formateGanapati Reddy, P.; Kishore Kumar, G.D.; Baskaran, S.
2005A facile, catalytic, and environmentally benign method for selective deprotection of teri-butyldimethylsilyl ether mediated by phosphomolybdic acid supported on silica gelKishore Kumar, G.D.; Baskaran, S.
2011A Lewis acid initiated intramolecular cyclization of benzylidene acetal with an azide functional group: Novel synthesis of oxazolines and oxazinesBanerjee, A.; Kumar, P.S.; Baskaran, S.
2011A Lewis acid mediated schmidt reaction of benzylic azide: Synthesis of sterically crowded aromatic tertiary aminesMurali, A.; Puppala, M.; Varghese, B.; Baskaran, S.
2013A mechanistic study on the Hooker oxidation: Synthesis of novel indane carboxylic acid derivatives from lapacholEyong, K.O.; Puppala, M.; Kumar, P.S.; Lamshöft, M.; Folefoc, G.N.; Spiteller, M.; Baskaran, S.
2011A one-pot ?-chloro-N?-tosylamidination of olefins with chloramine-TMurali, A.; Sen, S.K.; Baskaran, S.
2009A regioselective reductive cleavage of benzylidene acetal: stereoselective synthesis of N-Boc-protected cis-(2R,3S)-3-hydroxy pipecolic acidKumar, P.S.; Baskaran, S.
2008An intramolecular Schmidt reaction strategy for the synthesis of a methyl analogue of crispine AKumar, P.S.; Kapat, A.; Baskaran, S.
2005An unusual solvent effect in the cuprate displacement reaction of indolizidin-5-yl-methyl p-toluenesulfonate: Stereoselective synthesis of indolizidine alkaloidsReddy, P.G.; Sankar, M.G.; Baskaran, S.
2006Bathochromic shift of the fluorescence spectral maximum with increasing generation of dansyl labeled Newkome type dendrimersMohanty, S.K.; Baskaran, S.; Mishra, A.K.
2004Ciprofloxacin-protected gold nanoparticlesTom, R.T.; Suryanarayanan, V.; Reddy, P.G.; Baskaran, S.; Pradeep, T.
2003Ciprofloxacin@SiO2: Fluorescent nanobubblesRosemary, M.J.; Suryanarayanan, V.; Ganapati Reddy, P.; MacLaren, I.; Baskaran, S.; Pradeep, T.
2012Cobalt mediated ring contraction reaction of lapachol and initial antibacterial evaluation of naphthoquinones derived from lapacholEyong, K.O.; Kumar, S.P.; Kuete, V.; Folefoc, G.N.; Langmi, H.; Meyer, M.J.J.; Lall, N.; Baskaran, S.
2012Concise enantioselective construction of a bridged azatricyclic framework via domino semipinacol-Schmidt reactionPuppala, M.; Murali, A.; Baskaran, S.
2001Direct conversion of aryl nitro compounds to formanilides under catalytic transfer hydrogenation conditionsPratap, T.V.; Baskaran, S.
2011Diversity-oriented synthesis of useful chiral building blocks from D-mannitolAravind, A.; Kumar, P.S.; Sankar, M.G.; Baskaran, S.
2011Efficient synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2-ones in low melting tartaric acid-urea mixturesGore, S.; Baskaran, S.; Koenig, B.