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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010119/117/115Sn low-abundance single-transition correlation spectroscopy (LASSY): Sensitivity-enhanced homonuclear correlation experiments for Sn NMRGeorge, C .; Chandrakumar, N.
20151H and 2H NMR: Diagonal suppressed total correlation spectroscopy in spin echo modeGeorge, C.; Chandrakumar, N.
20111H indirect detected 13C low-abundance single-transition correlation spectroscopy (HICLASS)- 13C homonuclear correlation at natural abundanceGeorge, C.; Chandrakumar, N.
2013Accelerated spin dynamics in NMR driven by homonuclear scalar couplingsGeorge, C.; Chandrakumar, N.
2014ADEQUATE CR: 13C connectivity mapping in indirect detection mode with composite refocusingGeorge, C.; Chandrakumar, N.
1986Analysis of collective modes in some AMXN systemsChandrakumar, N.; Visalakshi, G.V.; Ramaswamy, D.; Subramanian, S.
1987Automated generation of the commutator algebra for NMR problemsVisalakshi, G.V.; Chandrakumar, N.
2011Bio-composite membrane electrolytes for direct methanol fuel cellsMohanapriya, S.; Sahu, A.K.; Bhat, S.D.; Pitchumani, S.; Sridhar, P.; George, C.; Chandrakumar, N.; Shukla, A.K.
2014Chemical-shift-resolved 19FNMR spectroscopy between 13.5 and 135MHz: Overhauser-DNP-enhanced diagonal suppressed correlation spectroscopyGeorge, C.; Chandrakumar, N.
2014Communication: Ultrafast homonuclear correlation spectroscopy with diagonal suppressionBanerjee, A.; Chandrakumar, N.
2008Effect of varying poly(styrene sulfonic acid) content in poly(vinyl alcohol)-poly(styrene sulfonic acid) blend membrane and its ramification in hydrogen-oxygen polymer electrolyte fuel cellsSahu, A.K.; Selvarani, G.; Bhat, S.D.; Pitchumani, S.; Sridhar, P.; Shukla, A.K.; Narayanan, N.; Banerjee, A.; Chandrakumar, N.
2008General approaches in ensemble quantum computingVimalan, V.; Chandrakumar, N.
2009Homonuclear single transition correlation spectroscopy of rare spinsRamesh, V.; George, C.; Chandrakumar, N.
2000Monolayer-protected cluster superlattices: Structural, spectroscopic, calorimetric, and conductivity studiesSandhyarani, N.; Resmi, M.R.; Unnikrishnan, R.; Vidyasagar, K.; Ma, S.; Antony, M.P.; Panneer Selvam, G.; Visalakshi, V.; Chandrakumar, N.; Pandian, K.; Tao, Y.T.; Pradeep, T.
2009Mordenite-incorporated PVA-PSSA membranes as electrolytes for DMFCsBhat, S.D.; Sahu, A.K.; George, C.; Pitchumani, S.; Sridhar, P.; Chandrakumar, N.; Singh, K.K.; Krishna, N.; Shukla, A.K.
2009Novel organic-inorganic composite polymer-electrolyte membranes for DMFCsSahu, A.K.; Bhat, S.D.; Pitchumani, S.; Sridhar, P.; Vimalan, V.; George, C.; Chandrakumar, N.; Shukla, A.K.
2008Nuclear quadrupole resonance exchange spectroscopy with shaped radiofrequency pulsesPal, S.; Chandrakumar, N.
1990Off-resonance effects on coherence transfer in homonuclear spin-lock experimentsChandrakumar, N.; Rajan, R.; Visalakshi, G.V.
2006Optimized 1D double quantum filter NMR experimentsRamesh, V.; Chandrakumar, N.
2009Postharvest ripening study of sweet lime (Citrus limettioides) in situ by volume-localized NMR spectroscopyBanerjee, A.; George, C.; Bharathwaj, S.; Chandrakumar, N.