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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A continuous analytical model for 2-deg charge density in Algan/Gan hemts valid for all bias voltagesKarumuri, N.; Turuvekere, S.; Dasgupta, N.; Dasgupta, A.
2005A micro-convection model for thermal conductivity of nanofluidsPatel, H.E.; Sundararajan, T.; Pradeep, T.; Dasgupta, A.; Dasgupta, N.; Das, S.K.
1998A new spice mosfet level 3-like model of hemt's for circuit simulationDasgupta, N.; Dasgupta, A.
1998An analytical model for conduction and valence band edge profiles of bandgap graded and displaced heterojunctionsKumar, K.P.; Dasgupta, A.
2015Catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation using a [2.2]paracyclophane based chiral 1,2,3-triazol-5-ylidene-Pd complex under ambient conditions and 1 atmosphere of H2Dasgupta, A.; Ramkumar, V.; Sankararaman, S.
2012Effect of BCl 3 concentration and process pressure on the GaN mesa sidewalls in BCl 3/Cl 2 based inductively coupled plasma etchingRawal, D.S.; Sehgal, B.K.; Muralidharan, R.; Malik, H.K.; Dasgupta, A.
2001Effect of Etch Mask and Etching Solution on InP Micromachining to Form V-GroovesKishore Kuna, V.S.R.; Vangala, N.K.; Dasgupta, A.; Dasgupta, N.
2009Effect of stress on the pull-in voltage of membranes for MEMS applicationSharma, J.; Dasgupta, A.
2013Gate leakage mechanisms in AlGaN/GaN and AlInN/GaN HEMTs: Comparison and modelingTuruvekere, S.; Karumuri, N.; Rahman, A.A.; Bhattacharya, A.; Dasgupta, A.; Dasgupta, N.
2006Improvement in the interfacial properties and electrical characteristics of ultrathin SiO2 by selective AC anodisationKailath, B.J.; Dasgupta, A.; Dasgupta, N.
1997Influence of emitter-base junction displacement on the band structure in heterojunction bipolar transistorsKumar, K.P.; Dasgupta, A.
2014Mechanical properties and corrosion behaviour of nanocrystalline Ti-5Ta-1.8Nb alloy produced by Cryo-rollingBhaskar, P.; Dasgupta, A.; Sarma, V.S.; Mudali, U.K.; Saroja, S.
2006Process optimization for monolithic integration of piezoresistive pressure sensor and MOSFET amplifier with SOI approachKumar, V.V.; Dasgupta, A.; Bhat, K.N.; Knatarajan, N.
2009Reduced charge trapping in GaN MIS using gate oxide deposition techniqueSreenidhi, T.; Baskar, K.; Dasgupta, A.; Dasgupta, N.
2010Study of random dopant fluctuation effects in FD-SOI MOSFET using analytical threshold voltage modelRao, R .; Dasgupta, N .; Dasgupta, A.