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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A numerical study of pre-diffuser optimization of an aero gas turbine combustion chamberReddy, G.A.; Ganesan, V.
2005A study of steady flow through a SI engine intake system using CFDKale, S.C.; Ganesan, V.
1994Aerodynamic flow investigations in an isothermal model of an afterburnerRavichandran, M.; Ganesan, V.
1998An experimental investigation of flow parameters inside a spherical swirl pre-chamber of a diesel engine under motoring conditionChandrasekaran, S.; Mohan Krishna, D.; Ganesan, V.; Srinivasa Rao, P.
2012Analysis of non-reacting and reacting flow inside a jet engine afterburner and parametric studiesReddy, N.M.; Tulapurkara, E.G.; Ganesan, V.
2004Analysis of reacting flows in an aero-engine afterburner using computational fluid dynamicsUnaune, S.V.; Ganesan, V.
1988Anomalous variation of the c lattice parameter of a sample of YBa2Cu3O7- through the superconducting transitionSrinivasan, R.; Girirajan, K.S.; Ganesan, V.; Radhakrishnan, V.; Subba Rao, G.V.
1987Characteristics of open LPG JET flames in helical and tangential-slot swirl burnersJoseph, Vince; Shet, U.S.P.; Ganesan, V.
1996Computation of isothermal and reacting flows in turbojet afterburnersRavichandran, M.; Ganesan, V.
2013Design and optimization of a throttle body assembly by CFD analysisSuresh Kumar, J.; Ganesan, V.; Mallikarjuna, J.M.; Govindarajan, S.
2010Effect of fuel injection timing and intake pressure on the performance of a di diesel engine - A parametric study using CFDJayashankara, B .; Ganesan, V.
2012Effect of static injection timing on the performance and emissions of diesel engine with blends of Mahua biodieselSolaimuthu, C.; Senthilkumar, D.; Ganesan, V.
2015Emission reductions studies of a biodiesel engine using EGR and SCR for agriculture operations in developing countriesSolaimuthu, C.; Ganesan, V.; Senthilkumar, D.; Ramasamy, K.K.
2013Energy efficient piston configuration for effective air motion - A CFD studyGnana Sagaya Raj, A.R.; Mallikarjuna, J.M.; Ganesan, V.
2001Experimental and numerical investigation of an axisymmetric free jetViswanath, K.B.S.N.; Ganesan, V.
2007Experimental investigations of flow through conical diffusers with and without wake type velocity distortions at inletMahalakshmi, N.V.; Krithiga, G.; Sandhya, S.; Vikraman, J.; Ganesan, V.
2009Experimental study of recirculating flows induced by vane swirierRaj, R.T.K.; Ganesan, V.
1996Expressions for spinodal wavelength in orthorhombic and tetragonal structure systemsGanesan, V.; Srinivasa Raghavan, K.
1980Flow and boundary layer development in straight core annular diffusersGanesan, V.
2004Flow through S.I. engine air intake system using CFD at part throttle and full throttleKumar, J.S.; Ganesan, V.