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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Adaptive MAPSD algorithms for symbol and timing recovery of mobile radio TDMA signalsGiridhar, K.; Shynk, J.J.; Iltis, R.A.; Mathur, A.
2001An efficient suboptimum detector based on linear prediction in Rayleigh flat-fading channelsVasudevan, K.; Giridhar, K.; Ramamurthi, B.
2014An iterative DFE receiver for MIMO SC-FDMA uplinkDhivagar, B.; Kuchi, K.; Giridhar, K.
2013Biased estimators with adaptive shrinkage targets for orthogonal frequency division multiple access channel estimationKalyani, S.; Lakshminarayanan, R.; Giridhar, K.
1996Blind adaptive MAP symbol detection and a TDMA digital mobile radio applicationGiridhar, K.; Shynk, J.J.; Iltis, R.A.
2012Block modulation for interference management in heterogeneous wireless networksAyyar, A.; Balakrishnan, H.R.; Thangaraj, A.; Nagarajan, V.; Giridhar, K.
2005Closed-loop transmit diversity schemes for five and six transmit antennasMilleth, J.K.; Giridhar, K.; Jalihal, D.
2009Co-ordinate interleaved spatial multiplexing with channel state informationSrinivas, K.V.; Koilpillai, R.D.; Bhashyam, S.; Giridhar, K.
2006Convergence and India - The Tenet group perspectiveRamachandran, H.; Giridhar, K.; Jhunjhunwala, A.; Subramanian, M.
1996DSP-based digital FM demodulation for GMSK signalsRamamurthi, B.; Giridhar, K.; Srinivas, M.A.
2007Efficient synchronization and frequency tracking for cellular reuse-I OFDMA systemsBhargava, Y.; Giridhar, K.
2014Enhancement in spectral efficiency using transmit-side channel shortener for MISO-OFDM systemsSingh, I.; Giridhar, K.
2005Exploiting hopping pilots for parametric channel estimation in OFMD systemsRaghavendra, M.R.; Bhashyam, S.; Giridhar, K.
2005Exploiting multipath diversity in multiple antenna OFDM systems with spatially correlated channelsRangaraj, G.V.; Jalihal, D.; Giridhar, K.
2005Improving channel estimation in OFDM systems for sparse multipath channelsRaghavendra, M.R.; Giridhar, K.
2009Interference rejection for parametric channel estimation in reuse-1 cellular OFDM systemsRaghavendra, M.R.; Bhashyam, S.; Giridhar, K.
2007Mitigation of error propagation in decision directed OFDM channel tracking using generalized M estimatorsKalyani, S.; Giridhar, K.
1999Near-optimal low complexity joint estimation of cochannel ISI signals for mobile receiversIlango Anand, S.; Venkatasubramanian, V.; Jalihal, D.; Giridhar, K.
2015New results on perfect channel shortening schemes for MIMO-OFDM systemsSingh, I.; Giridhar, K.
1999Noncoherent detection of multilevel signals in frequency nonselective fading channelsVasudevan, K.; Giridhar, K.; Ramamurthi, B.