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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976A digital method of measuring the pulsating velocity in an IC engineGajendra Babu, M.K.; Janakiraman, P.A.; Murthy, B.S.
1979A finite difference scheme for unsteady pipe-flowsLakshminarayanan, P.A.; Janakiraman, P.A.; Gajendra Babu, M.K.; Murthy, B.S.
1994A New Algorithm for Frequency Estimation in the Presence of Phase NoiseRangarao, K.V.; Janakiraman, P.A.
1981A new on-line identification method for discrete multivariable linear systemsJanakiraman, P.A.; Renganathan, S.
1997A new procedure for parameter estimation by exciting limit cycles of specified periodsJanakiraman, P.A.; Bhattacharyya, A.
2007An observer for three-phase current estimation using nonuniform current samplesSaritha, B.; Janakiraman, P.A.
1997Direct pole placement without using observersJanakiraman, P.A.; Bhattacharyya, A.
1969Dual Input Discrete Describing FunctionRao, P.V.; Janakiraman, P.A.
2008Extraction of harmonics using composite observersSelvajyothi, K.; Janakiraman, P.A.
2010FPGA implementation of an amplitude-modulated continuous-wave ultrasonic ranger using restructured phase-locking schemeSumathi, P .; Janakiraman, P.A.
2010FPGA-based software implementation of series harmonic compensation for single phase invertersSelvajyothi, K .; Janakiraman, P.A.
1988Identification of Linear Modulated FM Signal Via a New Recursive Modified Response Error Method (REM)Janakiraman, P.A.; Ranga Rao, K.V.
2008Integrated phase-locking scheme for SDFT-based harmonic analysis of periodic signalsSumathi, P.; Janakiraman, P.A.
1979Measurement of pulsating temperature and velocity in an internal combustion engine using an ultrasonic flowmeterLakshminarayanan, P.A.; Janakiraman, P.A.; Gajendra Babu, M.K.; Murthy, B.S.
1973Nonlinear-Discrete Data Systems Extension of the Known Sector of StabilityJanakiraman, P.A.; Rao, P.V.
2006Performance evaluation of an FPGA controlled soft switched inverterMuthuramalingam, A.; Vedula, S.V.; Janakiraman, P.A.
2011Phase locking scheme based on look-up-table-assisted sliding discrete Fourier transform for low-frequency power and acoustic signalsSumathi, P.; Janakiraman, P.A.
2007PSPICE modelling and simulation of computation free digital speed control system of a DC motorAnupama, S.; Saritha, B.; Janakiraman, P.A.
2007PSPICE simulation of an observer for current control with non-uniform samples using single sensor technologySaritha, B.; Janakiraman, P.A.
2007Realization of a digital differential analyzer using CPLDsSivaranjani, K.; Venkatesh, J.; Janakiraman, P.A.