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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Anaerobic fluidized bed degradation and the development of a kinetic model for a particulate organic matter enriched wastewater sludgeSaravanane, R.; Murthy, D.V.S.; Krishnaiah, K.
1989Axial dispersion of solids in spiral fluidised bedsPydisetty, Y.; Krishnaiah, K.; Varma, Y.B.G.
2001Bioaugmentation and anaerobic treatment of pharmaceutical effluent in fluidized bed reactorSaravanane, R.; Murthy, D.V.S.; Krishnaiah, K.
2001Bioaugmentation and treatment of cephalexin drug-based pharmaceutical effluent in an upflow anaerobic fluidized bed systemSaravanane, R.; Murthy, D.V.S.; Krishnaiah, K.
2004Characterization of liquid phase mixing in turbulent bed contactor through RTD studiesBruce, A.E.R.; Sai, P.S.T.; Krishnaiah, K.
2009Comparison of macroscopic flow properties obtained by three methods of operation in a liquid-solid circulating fluidized bedShilapuram, V.; Krishnaiah, K.; Sai, P.S.T.
2005Development of the pore-size distribution in activated carbon produced from coconut shell char in a fluidized-bed reactorSatya Sai, P.M.; Krishnaiah, K.
2005Dynamics of jetsam layer in continuous segregation of binary heterogeneous particles in gas-solid fluidized bedPrasad Babu, M.; Krishnaiah, K.
2006Estimation of liquid phase mixing due to solids in a turbulent bed contactorBruce, A.E.R.; Vinay, W.A.; Sai, P.S.T.; Krishnaiah, K.
1991Experimental study of the production of activated carbon from coconut shells in a fluidized bed reactorKirubakaran, C.John; Seshadri, S.K.; Krishnaiah, K.
2005Flow regime maps for flow of liquid through downcomer in a turbulent bed contactorBruce, A.E.R.; Sai, P.S.T.; Krishnaiah, K.
1998Hydrodynamic aspects of multi-stage turbulent bed contactorSoundarajan, K.; Krishnaiah, K.
1996Hydrodynamic characteristics of two-phase inverse fluidized bedUlaganathan, N.; Krishnaiah, K.
1993Hydrodynamic studies on inverse gas-liquid-solid fluidizationKrishnaiah, K.; Guru, S.; Sekar, V.
2012Hydrodynamics and flow regimes in turbulent bed contactor with non-Newtonian liquidsBruce, A.E.R.; Swathi, P.; Krishnaiah, K.; Sai, P.S.T.
2008Hydrodynamics of a liquid-solid circulating fluidized bed: Effect of dynamic leakVidyasagar, S.; Krishnaiah, K.; Sai, P.S.T.
1999Hydrodynamics of single-stage turbulent bed contactor with downcomerSoundarajan, K.; Krishnaiah, K.
1994Hydrodynamics of turbulent bed contactor: flooding aspectsSoundarajan, K.; Krishnaiah, K.
2004Liquid holdup in turbulent bed contactorBruce, A.E.R.; Sai, P.S.T.; Krishnaiah, K.
2004Liquid phase mixing in 2-phase liquid-solid inverse fluidized bedRenganathan, T.; Krishnaiah, K.