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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A method for obtaining equilibrium tautomeric mixtures of reducing sugars via glycosylamines using nonaqueous mediaAllavudeen, S.S.; Kuberan, B.; Loganathan, D.
2010A novel strategy toward the synthesis of N-(?-glycosyl)asparagines based on the alkylation of ethyl nitroacetate using N-(?-glycosyl) iodoacetamidesPaul, K.J.V .; Sahoo, L .; Loganathan, D.
2004Acetylation of alcohols, phenols, thiols and amines catalysed by H-beta zeoliteBhaskar, P.M.; Loganathan, D.
2010An improved procedure for the synthesis of fully acetylated N-(?-glycosyl) azidoatamides and N-(?-glycosyl)iodoacetamides useful as chemical ligating agentsPaul, K.J.V .; Sahoo, L .; Sorna, V .; Loganathan, D.
2001[beta]-1-Acet­amido-4-O-[beta]-D-galacto­pyranosyl-D-gluco­pyran­ose dihydrateLakshmanan, T.; Sriram, D.; Loganathan, D.
1997[beta]-1-N-acetamido-D-glucopyranoseSriram, D.; Sreenivasan, H.; Srinivasan, S.; Priya, K.; Vishnu Thirtha, M.; Loganathan, D.
2005Binding of β-d-glucopyranosyl bismethoxyphosphoramidate to glycogen phosphorylase b: kinetic and crystallographic studiesLeonidas, D.D.; Chrysina, E.D.; Kosmopoulou, M.N.; Kardakaris, R.; Bischler, N.; Kannan, T.; Loganathan, D.; Oikonomakos, N.G.
2013Clickable glycopeptoids for synthesis of glycopeptide mimicSinghamahapatra, A.; Sahoo, L.; Loganathan, D.
2008Conformational Preferences of the Aglycon Moiety in Models and Analogs of GlcNAc-Asn Linkage: Crystal Structures and ab Initio Quantum Chemical Calculations of N-(β-d Glycopyranosyl)haloacetamidesAli, M.M.N.; Aich, U.; Varghese, B.; Perez, S.; Imberty, A.; Loganathan, D.
1998Crystal structure of a hydrated N-glycoprotein linkage region model and its analogue: Hydrogen bonding and π–π stacking driven molecular assemblySriram, D.; Lakshmanan, T.; Loganathan, D.; Srinivasan, S.
2003Crystal Structures of ?-1-N-Chloroacetamido Derivatives of D-Glucose and D-GalactoseAich, U.; Lakshmanan, T.; Varghese, B.; Loganathan, D.
2008Crystallographic and computational studies on 4-phenyl-N-(?-D- glucopyranosyl)-1H-1,2, 3-triazole-1-acetamide, an inhibitor of glycogen phosphorylase: Comparison with ?-D-glucose, N-acetyl-?-D- glucopyranosylamine and N-benzoyl-N?-?-D-glucopyranosyl urea bindingAlexacou, K.M.; Hayes, J.M.; Tiraidis, C.; Zographos, S.E.; Leonidas, D.D.; Chrysina, E.D.; Archontis, G.; Oikonomakos, N.G.; Paul, J.V.; Varghese, B.; Loganathan, D.
2006Crystallographic studies on N-azidoacetyl-?-d-glucopyranosylamine, an inhibitor of glycogen phosphorylase: Comparison with N-acetyl-?-d-glucopyranosylaminePetsalakis, E.I.; Chrysina, E.D.; Tiraidis, C.; Hadjiloi, T.; Leonidas, D.D.; Oikonomakos, N.G.; Aich, U.; Varghese, B.; Loganathan, D.
2013Dimerized glycosaminoglycan chains increase FGF signaling during zebrafish developmentNguyen, T.K.N.; Tran, V.M.; Sorna, V.; Eriksson, I.; Kojima, A.; Koketsu, M.; Loganathan, D.; Kjellén, L.; Dorsky, R.I.; Chien, C.B.; Kuberan, B.
2014Diversity oriented synthesis of novel haloglycolipids potentially useful for crystallization of integral membrane proteinsSahoo, L.; Singhamahapatra, A.; Loganathan, D.
2014Effect of distal sugars and interglycosidic linkage on the N-glycoprotein linkage region conformation: Synthesis and X-Ray crystallographic investigation of ?-1-N-alkanamide derivatives of cellobiose and maltose as disaccharide analogs of the conserved chitobiosylasparagine linkageMathiselvam, M.,; Ramkumar, V.; Loganathan, D.; Pérez, S.
2005Enzymatic synthesis of N-glycoprotein linkage region disaccharide mimetics using ?-N-acetylhexosaminidases from Aspergillus oryzae and Vigna radiataLakshmanan, T.; Loganathan, D.
2009Examination of the effect of structural variation on the N-glycosidic torsion (ΦN) among N-(β-d-glycopyranosyl)acetamido and propionamido derivatives of monosaccharides based on crystallography and quantum chemical calculationsAli, M.M.N.; Aich, U.; Perez, S.; Imberty, A.; Loganathan, D.
2014Examination of the influence of C5-hydroxymethyl group and configurations of hydroxyl groups at C2, C3, and C4 stereocentres on the N-glycosidic torsion: Synthesis and X-ray crystallographic investigation of N-(d-ribopyranosyl) alkanamides as N-glycoprotein linkage region analogsSrivastava, A.; Mathiselvam, M.; Varghese, B.; Loganathan, D.
2013Exploring the effect of bioisosteric replacement of carboxamide by a sulfonamide moiety on N-glycosidic torsions and molecular assembly: Synthesis and x-ray crystallographic investigation of n-(?- D -glycosyl)sulfonamides as n-glycoprotein linkage region analoguesSrivastava, A.; Varghese, B.; Loganathan, D.