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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
197813C NMR studies on M(CN)5Xn- complexesNarayana, B.A.; Manoharan, P.T.
19991H NMR studies on strongly antiferromagnetically coupled dicopper(II) systemsAsokan, A.; Manoharan, P.T.
2000[2,6-Bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl-methyl-?N 2)pyridine-?N]bis(thiocyanato-N)copper(II)Manikandan, P.; Thomas, K.R.J.; Manoharan, P.T.
2004207Pb MAS NMR and conductivity identified anomalous phase transition in nanostructured PbF 2Thangadurai, P.; Ramasamy, S.; Manoharan, P.T.
1998310 helix formation in protected tripeptideJayakumar, R.; Aulice Scibioh, M.; Pattabhi, V.; Manoharan, P.T.
1982[31P]-Nuclear magnetic resonance spin lattice relaxation in lecithin reverse micellesKumar, V.V.; Manoharan, P.T.; Raghunathan, P.
1995A comprehensive study of exchange coupling in a macrocyclic binuclear copper(II) complex in the solid and solution statesMandal, P.K.; Manoharan, P.T.
1999A density functional approach to the jahn-teller effect of [Cu(en)3]2+ as a model for a macrobicyclic cage complex of copper(II)Kundu, T.K.; Bruyndonckx, R.; Daul, C.; Manoharan, P.T.
1998A Novel Polymer of a Binuclear Nickel(II) Complex Bridged by 1,3-Diaminopropane: Structure and MagnetismAsokan, A.; Varghese, B.; Caneschi, A.; Manoharan, P.T.
2012A paramagnetic octahedral trans -dihydroxy chromium(IV) complex with dianionic tetradentate Schiff base salophen and crystal structure of its trans -diisothiocyanato analogKoley, M.K.; Sivasubramanian, S.C.; Varghese, B.; Manoharan, P.T.; Koley, A.P.
1980A theoretical study of the Jorgensen's nephelauxetic effect in some simple transition metal halo-complexes from a molecular orbital computationVijaya, S.; Manoharan, P.T.
1990A UV photoelectron spectroscopy and X� approach to the electronic structure of nickel dithiolenesLalitha, S.; Manoharan, P.T.
1994Aggregation, hydrogen bonding and thermodynamic studies on Boc-Val-Val-Ile-OMe tripeptide micelles in chloroformJayakumar, R.; Jeevan, R.G.; Mandal, A.B.; Manoharan, P.T.
1997An electron paramagnetic resonance investigation of a macrobicyclic cage complex of Ag(II). Dynamic and static Jahn-Teller distortionsKundu, T.K.; Manoharan, P.T.
1975An ESR study of [V(CN)5NO]4− in γ‐irradiated K3V(CN)5NO⋅2H2OManoharan, P.T.; Vijaya, S.; Shock, J.R.; Rogers, M.T.
1985Anisotropic exchange interaction in tetrabutylammonium bis(stilbene-1,2-dithiolato)nickelate(III), [NBu4][Ni(sdt)2]Kuppusamy, P.; Manoharan, P.T.
1990Band fitting of ESCA peaksChandramouli, G.V.R.; Lalitha, S.; Manoharan, P.T.
1995Biradicals as ESR probes of conformations in model ?-turn peptidesSankarapandi, S.; Sukumar, M.; Balaram, P.; Manoharan, P.T.
1991Calculation of charges from photoelectron spectraLalitha, S.; Chandramouli, G.V.R.; Manoharan, P.T.
1996Calculation of exchange interaction in exchange coupled dimersLalitha, S.; Bhavani, R.; Chandramouli, G.V.R.; Manoharan, P.T.