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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007(1,N) spatial phase-shifting technique in digital speckle pattern interferometry and digital shearography for nondestructive evaluationBhaduri, B.; Mohan, N.K.; Kothiyal, M.P.
2008A comparative study of phase-shifting algorithms in digital speckle pattern interferometryBhaduri, B.; Kothiyal, M.P.; Mohan, N.K.
2006A dual-function ESPI system for the measurement of out-of-plane displacement and slopeBhaduri, B.; Mohan, N.K.; Kothiyal, M.P.
1986A holographic speckle shearing technique for the measurement of out-of-plane displacement, slope and curvatureSharma, D.K.; Mohan, N.K.; Sirohi, R.S.
1985An alternative technique for extraction of in-plane displacement from an image plane hologramMohan, N.K.; Sharma, D.K.
2011Characterization of micro-lenses based on single interferogram analysis using Hilbert transformationKumar, U.P.; Mohan, N.K.; Kothiyal, M.P.
1996Combined phase stepping and sinusoidal phase modulation applied to de-sensitized TV holographyMohan, N.K.; Saldner, H.O.; Molin, N.E.
2011Comparative study of time average and stroboscopic illumination techniques for vibration fringe analysisKumar, U.P.; Somasundaram, U.; Mohan, N.K.; Kothiyal, M.P.
1997Constraint meta-object: A new object model for distributed collaborative designingRam, D.J.; Vivekananda, N.; Rao, C.S.; Mohan, N.K.
2009Deformation and shape measurement using multiple wavelength microscopic TV holographyKumar, U.P.; Mohan, N.K.; Kothiyal, M.P.; Asundi, A.K.
2006Design of an off-axis HOE light concentrator to focus light from multiple directions in a planeMohan, N.K.; Islam, Q.T.
1990Determination of longitudinal displacement using white light speckle photographyMohan, N.K.; Sharma, D.K.; Sirohi, R.S.
2008Digital speckle pattern interferometry using spatial phase shifting: Influence of intensity and phase gradientsBhaduri, B.; Mohan, N.K.; Kothiyal, M.P.
1999Estimation of diffraction efficiency of holographic gratings in photorefractive BaTiO3 and BaTiO3:Ce at multiple wavelengthsMajles Ara, M.H.; Vijayan, C.; Mohan, N.K.; Sirohi, R.S.
2008Evaluation of surface roughness based on monochromatic speckle correlation using image processingDhanasekar, B.; Mohan, N.K.; Bhaduri, B.; Ramamoorthy, B.
1996Fringe formation in multiaperture speckle shear interferometryMohan, N.K.; Sirohi, R.S.
2000Influence of multiple-exposure recording on curvature pattern using multi-aperture speckle shear interferometryMohan, N.K.
2009Measurement of discontinuous surfaces using multiple-wavelength interferometryUpputuri, P.K.; Mohan, N.K.; Kothiyal, M.P.
2009Microscopic TV shearography for characterization of microsystemsKumar, U.P.; Kothiyal, M.P.; Mohan, N.K.
2000Optical configurations in TV holography for deformation and shape measurementMohan, N.K.; Andersson, A.; Sjodahl, M.; Molin, N.E.