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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985A comparative thermodynamic study of metal hydride heat transformers and heat pumpsBalakumar, M.; Murthy, S.S.; Murthy, M.V.K.; Sastri, M.V.C.
2003Analysis of a metal hydride cold storage moduleAbraham, K.; Maiya, M.P.; Murthy, S.S.
1994Analysis of an open type flat plate collector for tannery effluent treatmentMani, A.; Murthy, S.S.
2004Application of desiccant wheel to control humidity in air-conditioning systemsSubramanyam, N.; Maiya, M.P.; Murthy, S.S.
2004Characterisation of Mg-x wt.% FeTi (x = 5-30) and Mg-40 wt.% FeTiMn hydrogen absorbing materials prepared by mechanical alloyingVijay, R.; Sundaresan, R.; Maiya, M.P.; Murthy, S.S.; Fu, Y.; Klein, H.P.; Groll, M.
2005Comparative evaluation of Mg-Ni hydrogen absorbing materials prepared by mechanical alloyingVijay, R.; Sundaresan, R.; Maiya, M.P.; Murthy, S.S.
2004Conjugate heat transfer in an arbitrary shaped cavity with a rotating diskReby Roy, K.E.; Prasad, B.V.S.S.S.; Murthy, S.S.; Gupta, N.K.
2008Critical heat flux of R-407C in upflow boiling in a vertical pipeSindhuja, R.; Balakrishnan, A.R.; Murthy, S.S.
2015Effects of heat exchanger design on the performance of a solid state hydrogen storage deviceSingh, A.; Maiya, M.P.; Murthy, S.S.
1987Experimental studies on a solar thermal-power plantMurthy, S.S.; Murthy, M.V.K.
1999Experiments on a bubble absorberSujatha, K.S.; Mani, A.; Murthy, S.S.
1985Experiments on a cascaded R11-R12 vapour compression system for cogeneration of heat and coldMurthy, S.S.; Murthy, M.V.K.
2005Experiments on a metal hydride based hydrogen compressorMuthukumar, P.; Maiya, M.P.; Murthy, S.S.
2005Experiments on a metal hydride-based hydrogen storage deviceMuthukumar, P.; Maiya, M.P.; Murthy, S.S.
1989Experiments on a silica gel rotary dehumidifierKrishna, S.M.; Murthy, S.S.
1991Experiments on vapour jet refrigeration system suitable for solar energy applicationsMurthy, S.S.; Balasubramanian, R.; Murthy, M.V.K.
2009Formation of flammable hydrogen-air clouds from hydrogen leakageRamamurthi, K.; Bhadraiah, K.; Murthy, S.S.
2008Hydrogen absorption by Mg2Ni prepared by polyol reductionKumar, L.H.; Viswanathan, B.; Murthy, S.S.
2006Hydrogen storage properties of Mg-Cr2O3 nanocomposites: The role of catalyst distribution and grain sizeVijay, R.; Sundaresan, R.; Maiya, M.P.; Murthy, S.S.
1993Influence of heat and mass transfer effectiveness on metal hydride heat pump performanceGopal, M.R.; Murthy, S.S.