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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978Cohesion in lead chlorideMurti, Y.V.G.S.; Usha, V.
1970Cohesive energies of CsCl structure type crystalsMurthy, C.S.N.; Murti, Y.V.G.S.
1970Cohesive energies of NH4Cl and NH4BrMurthy, C.S.N.; Murti, Y.V.G.S.
1982Color centers in mixed crystals of KCl-KBr: Mollwo-Ivey relationshipMurti, Y.V.G.S.; Prasad, K.L.N.
1997Defect models in silver halidesMurti, Y.V.G.S.; Banhatti, R.D.
1990Degenerate four-wave mixing in solutions of pure and iodine-doped polyphenylacetyleneVijaya, R.; Murti, Y.V.G.S.; Sundarrajan, G.; Rao, T.A.P.
1992Degenerate four-wave mixing in the carbon cluster C60Vijaya, R.; Murti, Y.V.G.S.; Sundararajan, G.; Mathews, C.K.; Rao, P.R.V.
1995Degenerate four-wave mixing in the copolymer of phenylacetylene and norborneneGita, B.; Sundararajan, G.; Vijaya, R.; Murti, Y.V.G.S.
1974Dielectric loss and electrical-conductivity studies on copper-doped NH4Cl crystalsMurti, Y.V.G.S.; Prasad, P.S.
1974Effect of plastic deformation on the electrical conductivity of NH4ClMurti, Y.V.G.S.; Prasad, P.S.
1975Electrical conductivity of NH4Cl and NH4Br crystals in phases I and IIMurti, Y.V.G.S.; Prasad, P.S.
1990Evolution of a new color center band in irradiated NaFMurali, K.R.; Murti, Y.V.G.S.
1980FCC ? SC phase transition in alkali halidesMurti, Y.V.G.S.; Selvarajan, T.V.
1988IONIC THERMOCURRENTS DUE TO Z-CENTRES IN KCl:Gd**2** plus .Vijayan, C.; Murti, Y.V.G.S.
1976Isotope effect on the migration of protons in NH4Cl and NH4Br crystalsMurti, Y.V.G.S.; Prasad, P.S.
1983Lattice statics reformulation of defect volumes-vacancies in ionic solidsDash, P.C.; Murti, Y.V.G.S.
1988Low frequency internal friction spectra of Cu0�81 Pd0�19 alloySobha, B.; Murti, Y.V.G.S.
1997Majority and minority intrinsic defects in lithium and sodium halidesBanhatti, R.D.; Murti, Y.V.G.S.
1993Model calculations of third-order optical susceptibilities of F2 PLU colour centersKrishnamurthy, C.V.; Murti, Y.V.G.S.
1991Nonresonant third-order optical response of polyphenyl acetyleneVijaya, R.; Murti, Y.V.G.S.; Prasada Rao, T.A.; Sundararajan, G.