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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A Disorder-Induced Domino-Like Destabilization Mechanism Governs the Folding and Functional Dynamics of the Repeat Protein I?B?Sivanandan, S.; Naganathan, A.N.
2015Are protein folding intermediates the evolutionary consequence of functional constraints?Naganathan, A.N.; Sanchez-Ruiz, J.M.; Munshi, S.; Suresh, S.
2013Coarse-grained models of protein folding as detailed tools to connect with experimentsNaganathan, A.N.
2015Energetic and topological determinants of a phosphorylation-induced disorder-to-order protein conformational switchGopi, S.; Rajasekaran, N.; Singh, A.; Ranu, S.; Naganathan, A.N.
2014Evidence for the sequential folding mechanism in RNase H from an ensemble-based modelNarayan, A.; Naganathan, A.N.
2015Folding RaCe: A robust method for predicting changes in protein folding rates upon point mutationsChaudhary, P.; Naganathan, A.N.; Gromiha, M.M.
2015Imprints of function on the folding landscape: Functional role for an intermediate in a conserved eukaryotic binding proteinMunshi, S.; Naganathan, A.N.
2012Predictions from an ising-like statistical mechanical model on the dynamic and thermodynamic effects of protein surface electrostaticsNaganathan, A.N.
2013The conformational landscape of an intrinsically disordered DNA-binding domain of a transcription regulatorNaganathan, A.N.; Orozco, M.
2014Thermodynamics of downhill folding: Multi-probe analysis of pdd, a protein that folds over a marginal free energy barrierNaganathan, A.N.; Muoz, V.