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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998A frequency domain based numeric-analytical method for non-linear dynamical systemsNarayanan, S.; Sekar, P.
2007A higher order finite element modeling of piezolaminated smart composite plates and its application to active vibration controlBalamurugan, V.; Manikandan, B.; Narayanan, S.
2007A piezoelectric higher-order plate element for the analysis of multi-layer smart composite laminatesBalamurugan, V.; Narayanan, S.
2008A piezolaminated composite degenerated shell finite element for active control of structures with distributed piezosensors and actuatorsBalamurugan, V.; Narayanan, S.
2011Acoustic characteristics of chamfered Hartmann whistlesNarayanan, S.; Srinivasan, K.; Sundararajan, T.; Ramamurthi, K.
2013Acoustic characteristics of external chamfered Hartmann whistlesNarayanan, S.; Srinivasan, K.; Sundararajan, T.
2013Acoustic heating effects in Hartmann whistleNarayanan, S.; Behera, B.; Sundararajan, T.; Srinivasan, K.
2013Acoustic pyrometry in flamesSrinivasan, K.; Sundararajan, T.; Narayanan, S.; Jothi, T.J.S.; Rohit Sarma, C.S.L.V.
2006Acoustic response behaviour of panels mounted with equipment and its prediction using statistical energy analysisRenji, K.; Nair, P.S.; Narayanan, S.
1981Acoustoelasticity of a damped sandwich panel backed by a cavityNarayanan, S.; Shanbhag, R.L.
1993Active Control Of Flow-induced VibrationVenkatraman, K.; Narayanan, S.
1995Active control of non-stationary response of a two-degree of freedom vehicle model with nonlinear suspensionRaju, G.V.; Narayanan, S.
1992Active control of non-stationary response of vehicles with nonlinear suspensionsNarayanan, S.; Raju, G.V.
2007Active control of tensegrity structures under random excitationRaja, M.G.; Narayanan, S.
2007Active control of wave propagation in multi-span beams using distributed piezoelectric actuators and sensorsRao, M.S.; Narayanan, S.
2008Active vibration control of beams with optimal placement of piezoelectric sensor/actuator pairsRamesh Kumar, K.; Narayanan, S.
2001Active vibration control of smart shells using distributed piezoelectric sensors and actuatorsBalamurugan, V.; Narayanan, S.
2002Active-passive hybrid damping in beams with enhanced smart constrained layer treatmentBalamurugan, V.; Narayanan, S.
2014Aero-acoustic features of internal and external chamfered Hartmann whistles: A comparative studyNarayanan, S.; Srinivasan, K.; Sundararajan, T.
2013Atomization in the acoustic field of a Hartmann whistleNarayanan, S.; Srinivasan, K.; Sundararajan, T.