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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A study on defect controlled morphology of organic/inorganic composite nanofibers with different heat flow ratesAnitha, S.; John Thiruvadigal, D.; Natarajan, T.S.
1996A unified conceptual foundation for relativity and quantum mechanicsNatarajan, T.S.
2011AC conductivity studies on PMMA-PANI (HCL) nanocomposite fibers produced by electrospinningBabu, V.J.; Pavan Kumar, V.S.; Subha, G.J.; Kumari, V.; Natarajan, T.S.; Nair, A.S.; Ramakrishna, S.
2013Biocompatibility studies of electrospun nanofibrous membrane of PLLA-PVA blendElakkiya, T.; Sheeja, R.; Ramadhar, K.; Natarajan, T.S.
1997Charge transport and magnetic properties in polyaniline doped with methane sulphonic acid and polyaniline-polyurethane blendSanjai, B.; Raghunathan, A.; Natarajan, T.S.; Rangarajan, G.; Thomas, S.; Prabhakaran, P.V.; Venkatachalam, S.
1993Charge transport and optical and magnetic properties of polyaniline synthesized with use of organic acidsRaghunathan, A.; Natarajan, T.S.; Rangarajan, G.; Dhawan, S.K.; Trivedi, D.C.
1996Charge transport in doped poly(3-methyl)thiophenesSanjai, B.; Natarajan, T.S.; Raghunathan, A.; Rangarajan, G.; Somanathan, N.
2001Computer controlled femtosecond optical delay line for ultrafast optics and spectroscopyRajesh, R.J.; Natarajan, T.S.; Bisht, P.B.
2014Curcumin loaded electrospun Bombyx mori silk nanofibers for drug deliveryElakkiya, T.; Malarvizhi, G.; Rajiv, S.; Natarajan, T.S.
1997DC electrical conduction in heat-treated poly nickel phthalocyanineSanjai, B.; Raghljnathan, A.; Natarajan, T.S.; Rangarajan, G.; Venkatachalam, S.
2013Development and characterization of electrospun poly(2-hydroxy ethyl methacrylate) for tissue engineering applicationsRamalingam, N.; Natarajan, T.S.; Rajiv, S.
1990Development of a Microprocessor-Based Four Probe DC Resistivity Setup for Tc Measurement of Superconducting MaterialsPragasam, R.; Murthy, V.R.K.; Viswanathan, B.; Natarajan, T.S.
2015Development of high-performance flexible solid state supercapacitor based on activated carbon and electrospun TiO2 nanofibersKolathodi, M.S.; Natarajan, T.S.
2012Development of universal pH sensing electrospun nanofibersAgarwal, A.; Raheja, A.; Natarajan, T.S.; Chandra, T.S.
2014Effect of electrospun montmorillonite-nylon 6 nanofibrous membrane coated packaging on potato chips and breadAgarwal, A.; Raheja, A.; Natarajan, T.S.; Chandra, T.S.
2013Electrical characterization of PVA-based nanocomposite electrolyte nanofibre mats doped with a multiwalled carbon nanotubeAgrawal, S.L.; Rai, N.; Natarajan, T.S.; Chand, N.
1991Electrical conduction in heat treated poly copper phthalocyanine in the temperature range 35 to 4.2 KRaghunathan, A.; Natarajan, T.S.; Rangarajan, G.
1995Electrical conduction in heat-treated poly metallo phthalocyaninesSanjai, B.; Raghunathan, A.; Natarajan, T.S.; Rangarajan, G.
1996Electrical conductivity and magneto-resistance studies on polyaniline-PMMA blends at very low temperatureSrinivasan, D.; Raghunathan, A.; Natarajan, T.S.; Rangarajan, G.; Subramaniam, C.K.; Wessling, B.
2006Electrical conductivity of a single electrospun fiber of poly(methyl methacrylate) and multiwalled carbon nanotube nanocompositeSundaray, B.; Subramanian, V.; Natarajan, T.S.; Krishnamurthy, K.