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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A 6.7 kbps vector sum excited linear prediction on TMS320C54X digital signal processorDharani Kumar, K.N.; Prabhu, K.M.M.; Sommen, P.C.W.
2010A Krylov subspace based low-rank channel estimation in OFDM systemsOliver, J .; Aravind, R .; Prabhu, K.M.M.
1999a note on "an accurate error analysis model for fast fourier transform"Adireddy, S.; Prabhu, K.M.M.
2005A robust watermarking technique for digital audioAedudodla, S.R.; Prabhu, K.M.M.
2009A substitution-by-interpolation algorithm for watermarking audioDeshpande, A.; Prabhu, K.M.M.
2005An analysis of real-fourier domain-based adaptive algorithms implemented with the Hartley transform using cosine-sine symmetriesRaghavan, V.; Prabhu, K.M.M.; Sommen, P.C.W.
2013An enhanced inter-carrier interference reduction scheme for OFDM system with phase noiseSenthil, B.; Aravind, R.; Prabhu, K.M.M.
1997An improved angle recoding CORDIC for real-time implementationKatiyar, M.; Prabhu, K.M.M.
1995An Improved LMS Adaptive Algorithm for Narrowband Interference Suppression in Direct Sequence Spread SpectrumKalidas, P.; Prabhu, K.M.M.
1999Angle recoding cordic-based systolic arrays for DFT and DHT of prime lengthKatiyar, M.; Prabhu, K.M.M.
2006Complexity of pruning strategies for the frequency domain LMS algorithmRaghavan, V.; Prabhu, K.M.M.; Sommen, P.C.W.
1996Computation of DWT via FHT-based implementationChandran, S.K.; Prabhu, K.M.M.
2001Detection performance of an adaptive MTD with WVD as a Doppler filter bankPrabhu, K.M.M.; Giridhar, J.
2006Estimation of frequency offset using warped discrete-Fourier transformVenkataramanan, R.; Prabhu, K.M.M.
2008Fast adaptive algorithms for active control of nonlinear noise processesReddy, E.P.; Das, D.P.; Prabhu, K.M.M.
1996Fast algorithm for pseudodiscrete Wigner-Ville distribution using moving discrete Hartley transformPrabhu, K.M.M.; Shanmuga Sundaram, R.
2009Fast exact multichannel FSLMS algorithm for active noise controlReddy, E.P.; Das, D.P.; Prabhu, K.M.M.
1996Fast Hartley transform implementation on DSP chipsPrabhu, K.M.M.; Sundaram, R.S.
1991Fast Hartley Transform PruningNarayanan, S.B.; Prabhu, K.M.M.
1999FHT algorithm for length N = q.2mVijayakumar, N.; Prabhu, K.M.M.