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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983A method for evaluation of elliptical profilesMurthy, T.S.R.; Reddy, G.C.; Radhakrishnan, V.
1979A stochastic analysis of grinding wheel and workpiece surfacesSathiamoorthy, P.; Radhakrishnan, V.; Rehman, J.F.
1996A Study of an Inductive Sensor for In-process Monitoring of Surface RoughnessVarghese, S.; Achuthan, N.; Radhakrishnan, V.
1985A study of the corner wear in cylindrical plunge grindingAchyutha, B.T.; Radhakrishnan, V.
1994A study of the surface deformations in press and shrink fitted assembliesRamamoorthy, B.; Radhakrishnan, V.
1981A study on the influence of grain size in electrochemical machiningKrishnaiah Chetty, O.V.; Radhakrishnan, V.
1992A study on the thermal aspects of chips in grindingRajmohan, B.; Radhakrishnan, V.
1976An analysis of the reference lines of the surface profile and its true replicaShunmugam, M.S.; Radhakrishnan, V.
1986An investigation into the assessment of surface finish by microwave reflectionSuryanarayana Rao, N.V.R.S.; Prthviraj, V.; Radhakrishnan, V.
1982An investigation of the role of surface irregularities in the noise spectrum of rolling and sliding contactsAnanthapadmanaban, T.; Radhakrishnan, V.
2003An investigation on solid lubricant moulded grinding wheelsShaji, S.; Radhakrishnan, V.
2002An investigation on surface grinding using graphite as lubricantShaji, S.; Radhakrishnan, V.
1977Analysis and synthesis of surface profiles using Fourier seriesRaja, J.; Radhakrishnan, V.
2003Analysis of process parameters in surface grinding with graphite as lubricant based on the Taguchi methodShaji, S.; Radhakrishnan, V.
1988Anomalous variation of the c lattice parameter of a sample of YBa2Cu3O7- through the superconducting transitionSrinivasan, R.; Girirajan, K.S.; Ganesan, V.; Radhakrishnan, V.; Subba Rao, G.V.
1981Application of a relocation technique to the study of surface production in electrochemical machining and electrodischarge machiningRadhakrishnan, V.; Chetty, O.V.K.; Achyutha, B.T.
2003Application of solid lubricants in grinding: Investigations on graphite sandwiched grinding wheelsShaji, S.; Radhakrishnan, V.
1976Comparison of different methods for computing the two-dimensional envelope for surface finish measurementsShunmugam, M.S.; Radhakrishnan, V.
1974Computation of the three-dimensional envelope for roughness measurementShunmugam, M.S.; Radhakrishnan, V.
1992Computer-aided inspection of cutting tool geometryRamamoorthy, B.; Radhakrishnan, V.