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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A two-hop AF relaying scheme with interference suppression at the relayKarthik, K. S.; Ramamurthi, B.
2001An efficient suboptimum detector based on linear prediction in Rayleigh flat-fading channelsVasudevan, K.; Giridhar, K.; Ramamurthi, B.
1990An FFT-based algorithm for reconstructing inhomogeneous circular cylindrical shells from noisy dataJegannathan, S.; Ramamurthi, B.
2007Broadband to empower rural IndiaJhunjhunwala, A.; Koilpillai, D.; Ramamurthi, B.
2007Broadband wireless technology for rural IndiaRamamurthi, B.
2003Capacity of High Density Macro Cellular Wireless Local Loop System based on Dynamic Channel SelectionChetlapalli, V.; Jalihalano, D.; Ramamurthi, B.
1986Classified Vector Quantization of ImagesRamamurthi, B.; Gersho, A.
1990Diffraction tomography of strongly scattering infinite cylindrical objects of arbitrary cross-sectional shapeJegannathan, S.; Ramamurthi, B.
2010Distributed cooperative precoder selection for interference alignmentNagarajan, V .; Ramamurthi, B.
2014Distributed cooperative precoding in cellular systemsJames, V.B.; Ramamurthi, B.
2011Distributed cooperative precoding with power control for cellular systems with correlated antennas at the receiverJames, J.V.B.; Ramamurthi, B.; Venkatraman, G.
2011Distributed cooperative precoding with SINR-based Co-Channel user grouping for enhanced cell edge performanceJames, J.V.B.; Ramamurthi, B.
2013Downlink throughput enhancement of a cellular network using two-hop user-deployable indoor relaysDevar, S.; Karthik, K.S.; Ramamurthi, B.; Koilpillai, R.D.
1996DSP-based digital FM demodulation for GMSK signalsRamamurthi, B.; Giridhar, K.; Srinivas, M.A.
2014Linear precoders for nonregenerative asymmetric two-way relaying in cellular systemsBudhiraja, R.; Karthik, K.S.; Ramamurthi, B.
1991Multiband-excited linear predictive coder with a two-sided short-term predictorDavid, S.; Ramamurthi, B.
1999Noncoherent detection of multilevel signals in frequency nonselective fading channelsVasudevan, K.; Giridhar, K.; Ramamurthi, B.
1986Nonlinear Space-Variant Postprocessing of Block Coded ImagesRamamurthi, B.; Gersho, A.
1989Packet Reservation Multiple Access for Local Wireless CommunicationsGoodman, D.J.; Valenzuela, R.A.; Gayliard, K.T.; Ramamurthi, B.
1987Perfect-Networks ALOHA for Local Radio CommunicationsRamamurthi, B.; Saleh, A.A.M.; Goodman, D.J.