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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1974A Fast-Response DC Motor Speed Control SystemKrishnan, T.; Ramaswami, B.
1993A Microprocessor-Based DC Drive Control Scheme Using Predictive SynchronizationKumar, P.P.; Ramaswami, B.
1970A New Method of Solving Optimal Servo Problems Reducible to Regulator ProblemsRamaswami, B.; Ramar, K.
1968A Note on Optimal Linear Regulators with Incomplete State FeedbackRamar, K.; Ramaswami, B.
1982A Novel Three-Phase Reference Sine-Wave Generator for PWM InvertersRamamurthi, V.P.; Ramaswami, B.
1980Analysis of a Current-Controlled Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drive Using Digital SimulationYuvarajan, S.; Ramaswami, B.; Subrahmanyam, V.
1970Comments on ?A Theorem on the Lyapunov Matrix Equation?Renganathan, S.; Ramaswami, B.
1970Comments on ?Design of Linear Regulators Optimal for Time-Multiplied Performance Indices?Ramaswami, B.; Ramar, K.
1980Electronic Analog Slip Calculator for Induction Motor DrivesVenkataraman, R.; Ramaswami, B.; Holtz, J.
1969On the Transformation of Time-Variable Systems to the Phase-Variable Canonical FormRamaswami, B.
1972Optimal servo problems with incomplete state feedbackRamar, K.; Ramaswami, B.
1975Slip ring induction motor speed control using a thyristor inverterKrishnan, T.; Ramaswami, B.
1976Speed control of D.C. motor using thtristor dual converterKrishnan, T.; Ramaswami, B.
1969Suboptimal Approach to the Time-Optimal Control of Second-Order Systems with Complex PolesYuvarajan, S.; Ramaswami, B.
1968Transformation to the Phase-Variable Canonical FormRamaswami, B.; Ramar, K.