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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Ac-susceptibility studies on Zr1-xHoxCo2 [0�x�1] system and their hydridesRamesh, R.; Ramachandra Rao, M.S.; Rama Rao, K.V.S.
2007An investigation on fretting wear behaviour of MoS2-bonded coating on AISI 4340 steelRamesh, R.; Gnanamoorthy, R.
2007Artificial neural network prediction of fretting wear behavior of structural steel, en 24 against bearing steel, en 31Ramesh, R.; Gnanamoorthy, R.
1994Concentration and temperature dependence of electrical resistivity in Zr1-xHoxCo2 (0�x�1) intermetallic compounds and their hydridesRamesh, R.; Rama Rao, K.V.S.
2006Development of a fretting wear test rig and preliminary studies for understanding the fretting wear properties of steelsRamesh, R.; Gnanamoorthy, R.
2007Effect of hardness on fretting wear behaviour of structural steel, En 24, against bearing steel, En 31Ramesh, R.; Gnanamoorthy, R.
2006Effect of post oxidation on the fretting wear behavior of liquid nitrided En 24 steelRamesh, R.; Gnanamoorthy, R.
2001Effective Hamiltonians in Floquet theory of magic angle spinning using van Vleck transformationRamesh, R.; Krishnan, M.S.
1988Ferrite transformation in austenitic weld metalsRamesh, R.; Nair, P.K.; Rao, K.P.
2005Forced responses of solid axially polarized piezoelectric ceramic finite cylinders with internal lossesEbenezer, D.D.; Ravichandran, K.; Ramesh, R.; Padmanabhan, C.
2006Fretting wear behavior of liquid nitrided structural steel, En24 and bearing steel, En31Ramesh, R.; Gnanamoorthy, R.
1993Hydrogen absorption characteristics of the Zr-xHoxCo2 system in the pressure range 0-40 barRamesh, R.; Rama Rao, K.V.S.
1995Hydrogen absorption studies in Zr0.4Ho0.6Fe2Kesavan, T.R.; Ramesh, R.; Rama Rao, K.V.S.
2001Mixing of high speed coaxial jetsSujith, R.I.; Ramesh, R.; Pradeep, S.; Sriram, S.; Muruganandam, T.M.
1991Solubility of hydrogen in Zr1 − xHoxCo2 (0 ⩽ x ⩽ 1) alloysRamesh, R.; Annapoorani, S.; Rao, K.V.S.R.
2000Studies on freejets from nozzles for high-speed mixing applicationsRamesh, R.; Pradeep, S.; Muruganandam, T.M.; Sujith, R.I.
1994The kinetics of hydrogen absorption in Zr1-xHoxCo2 (x = 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8) alloysRamesh, R.; Murti, Y.V.G.S.; Reddy, K.V.; Rama Rao, K.V.S.; Das, T.P.