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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1973A Bandpass Filter Using the Operational Amplifier PoleRao, K.R.; Srinivasan, S.
1974A High-Q Temperature Insensitive Bandpass Filter Using the Operational Amplifier PoleRao, K.R.; Srinivasan,S.
1981A High-Quality Double-Integrator Building-Block for Active-Ladder FiltersReddy, M.A.; Ravishankar, R.; Ramamurthy, B.; Rao, K.R.
1980A Novel Active Compensation Scheme for Active-RC FiltersRavichandran, S.; Rao, K.R.
1987A novel technique for the on-chip tuning of monolithic filtersRao, K.R.; Venugopal, G.
1981A video selectivity block for television receiversSrinivasan, S.; Rai, P.C.; Rao, K.R.
2004Active cancellation of acoustic noise using a self-tuned filterGoel, A.; Vetteth, A.; Rao, K.R.; Sridhar, V.
1986High-sensitivity MOS varactorRao, P.R.S.; Bhat, K.N.; Rao, K.R.
1991Hydrodynamic characteristics of reversed flow jet loop reactor as a gas-liquid-solid contactorPadmavathi, G.; Rao, K.R.
1997Investigation of ignition of liquid propellent in reservoir in regenerative liquid propellent gun trialsDaniel, K.J.; Kharat, D.K.; Rao, K.R.; Ghosh, A.A.; Shah, S.T.; Mitra, S.C.
1981Large Signal Instability in Active RC Biquadratic Filter Building BlocksRao, K.R.; Moni, R.S.
1988Magnitude Locked LoopRao, K.R.; Ashar, P.
1997Numerical modelling of regenerative liquid propellant guns with annular pistonDaniel, K.J.; Kharat, D.K.; Rao, K.R.; Shah, S.T.; Mitra, S.C.
1984Programmable Switched-Capacitor Filter with no Additional Silicon AreaSasikumar, M.; Rao, K.R.; Reddy, M.A.