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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989A microprocessor based autoscanner for electromigration studies in thin filmsDhanabalan, M.; Syamasundara Rao, Y.; Reddy, K.V.
1996A.c. Magnetic susceptibility studies on the Dy0.73Tb0.27Fe2-xNix, and Ho0.85Tb0.15Fe2-yNiy intermetallicsKumar, M.S.; Reddy, K.V.; Rama Rao, K.V.S.
1997Cadmium diffusion in CuInSe2 thin filmsKumar, A.P.; Reddy, K.V.
1985Characteristics of n-CuInSe2/Au Schottky diodesPrasad, J.J.B.; Rao, D.K.; Sridevi, D.; Majhi, J.; Reddy, K.V.; Sobhanadri, J.
1995Effect of Ni substitution on the magnetic and electrical properties of Dy0.73Tb0.27Fe2Senthil Kumar, M.; Reddy, K.V.; Rama Rao, K.V.S.
1986Electrical conductivity and optical absorption in flash-evaporated CuInTe2 thin filmsSridevi, D.; Reddy, K.V.
1984Electromigration in indium thin filmsReddy, K.V.; Prasad, J.J.B.
1988Electromigration in thin solid filmsPrasad, J.J.B.; Reddy, K.V.
1995Fe57 M´┐Żssbauer investigations on the Dy0.73Tb0.27Fe2-xNix and Ho0.85Tb0.15Fe2-yNiy systemsKumar, M.S.; Reddy, K.V.; Rama Rao, K.V.S.; Das, T.P.
1989Grain boundary diffusion of phosphorus in polycrystalline siliconMurti, M.R.; Reddy, K.V.
1995Growth of dielectric layers on the InSb surfaceRastogi, A.; Reddy, K.V.
1984Lateral self-diffusion and electromigration in cobalt thin filmsPrasad, J.J.B.; Reddy, K.V.
1997Lateral self-diffusion of selenium in CuInSe2 thin filmsKumar, A.P.; Reddy, K.V.
1996Low-temperature facility for Mossbauer and electrical resistivity studies using a closed-cycle helium refrigeratorSenthil Kumar, M.; Rama Rao, K.V.S.; Reddy, K.V.
1993Magnetic and electrical studies on Ho0.85Tb 0.15Fe2-xNix systemKumar, M.S.; Reddy, K.V.; Rama Rao, K.V.S.
1976Mssbauer studies on CuFeSe2Reddy, K.V.; Chetty, S.C.
1995Observation of domain wail pinning in Dy<inf>0.73</inf>Tb<inf>0.27</inf>Fe<inf>2-x</inf>Ni<inf>x</inf> and Ho<inf>0.85</inf>Tb<inf>0.15</inf>Fe<inf>2-y</inf>Ni<inf>y</inf> systemsKumar, M.S.; Reddy, K.V.; Rama Rao, K.V.S.
1995Observation of domain wall pinning in Dy0.73Tb0.27Fe2-xNix and Ho0.85Tb0.15Fe2-yNiy systemsSenthil Kumar, M.; Reddy, K.V.; Rama Rao, K.V.S.
1986Optical absorption and electrical conductivity of flash evaporated CuGaTe2 thin filmsReddy, K.V.; Annapurna, J.L.