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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984A General Compensation for a Switched-Capacitor Double-Integrator BiquadSasikumar, M.; Radhakrishna Rao, K.; Reddy, M.A.
1981A High-Quality Double-Integrator Building-Block for Active-Ladder FiltersReddy, M.A.; Ravishankar, R.; Ramamurthy, B.; Rao, K.R.
2011A new form of LiNbO3 with a lamellar structure showing reversible lithium intercalationPralong, V.; Reddy, M.A.; Caignaert, V.; Malo, S.; Lebedev, O.I.; Varadaraju, U.V.; Raveau, B.
1983Active Compensation in the Switched-Capacitor BiquadSasikumar, M.; Radhakrishna Rao, K.; Reddy, M.A.
1980An Active-Compensated Double-Integrator Filter Without Matched Operational AmplifiersRao,K.R.; Reddy, M.A.; Ravichandran, S.; Ramamurthy, B.; Sankar, R.R.
1977An Active-RC Filter for High-Q and High-Frequencies with Zero-Q and Zero-Frequency-Sensitivity to Amplifier Gain-bandwidth ProductReddy, M.A.
1976An Insensitive Active-RC Filter for High Q and High FrequenciesReddy, M.A.
1981Analysis of a High-Quality Gyrator FilterMonl, R.S.; Reddy, M.A.
2007Electrochemical performance of VOMoO4 as negative electrode material for Li ion batteriesReddy, M.A.; Kishore, M.S.; Pralong, V.; Caignaert, V.; Varadaraju, U.V.; Raveau, B.
2011Lithium insertion into niobates with columbite-type structure: Interplay between structure-composition and crystallite sizeReddy, M.A.; Varadaraju, U.V.
2007Lithium intercalation into nanocrystalline brookite TiO2Reddy, M.A.; Kishore, M.S.; Pralong, V.; Varadaraju, U.V.; Raveau, B.
2006NbSb2 as an anode material for Li-ion batteriesReddy, M.A.; Varadaraju, U.V.
1976Operational-Amplifier Circuits with Variable Phase Shift and Their Application to High-Q Active RC-Filters and RC-OscillatorsReddy, M.A.
1984Programmable Switched-Capacitor Filter with no Additional Silicon AreaSasikumar, M.; Rao, K.R.; Reddy, M.A.
2006Room temperature synthesis and Li insertion into nanocrystalline rutile TiO2Reddy, M.A.; Kishore, M.S.; Pralong, V.; Caignaert, V.; Varadaraju, U.V.; Raveau, B.
1976Some New Operational-Amplifier Circuits For The Realization Of The Lossless Floating InductanceReddy, M.A.
1970Temperature Stabilization of a Negative-Resistance CharacteristicReddy, M.A.; Rao, Y.G.