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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990A reappraisal of irreversible behaviour in the intermediate state of a type-I superconductorGrover, A.K.; Kumar, R.; Chaddah, P.; Subramanian, C.K.; Sankaranarayanan, V.
2008A switched controller for an underactuated underwater vehicleSankaranarayanan, V.; Mahindrakar, A.D.; Banavar, R.N.
2004A-site-disorder-dependent percolative transport and Griffiths phase in doped manganitesRama, N.; Ramachandra Rao, M.S.; Sankaranarayanan, V.; Majewski, P.; Gepraegs, S.; Opel, M.; Gross, R.
1994Ageing effects on thermal conductivity of YBa2Cu3O7-yRavindran, T.R.; Sankaranarayanan, V.; Srinivasan, R.
2000Automated thermoelectric power measurement from 300 to 15 K with a closed cycle refrigeratorNirmala, R.; Sankaranarayanan, V.; Sankar, M.G.; Sethupathi, K.
1983Coherency identification and equivalents for transient stability studiesSankaranarayanan, V.; Venugopal, M.; Elangovan, S.; Rao, N.D.
2009Competing magnetic interactions in the intermetallic compound Ho2 Mn3 Si5Nirmala, R.; Morozkin, A.V.; Lamsal, J.; Chu, Z.; Sankaranarayanan, V.; Sethupathi, K.; Yamamoto, Y.; Hori, H.; Yelon, W.B.; Malik, S.K.
2013Configuration constrained stabilization of a wheeled mobile robot-theory and experimentSankaranarayanan, V.; Mahindrakar, A.D.
2009Control of a class of underactuated mechanical systems using sliding modesSankaranarayanan, V.; Mahindrakar, A.D.
2009Dielectric relaxation properties of nanostructured Ce0.8Gd0.1Pr0.1O2−δ material at intermediate temperaturesBaral, A.K.; Sankaranarayanan, V.
2007Diffusion of hydrogen in cubic Laves phase Ho1 - x Mmx Co2 (x = 0, 0.2 and 0.4) alloysSrinivas, G.; Sankaranarayanan, V.; Ramaprabhu, S.
2005Effect of A-site disorder on the percolative transport of Pr (0.7-y)HoySr0.3MnO 3 (y = 0.0, 0.04, 0.08 and 0.1)Rama, N.; Sankaranarayanan, V.; Rao, M.S.R.
2006Effect of Ar annealing on the magnetic and transport properties of Pr0.7Sr0.3MnO3Rama, N.; Mohan Kant, K.; Sankaranarayanan, V.; Ramachandra Rao, M.S.
2004Effect of rare earth ion substitution on the magnetic and transport properties of Pr0.7Re0.04Sr0.26MnO3 (RE = Er3+, Tb3+ and Ho3+)Rama, N.; Philipp, J.B.; Opel, M.; Erb, A.; Sankaranarayanan, V.; Gross, R.; Rao, M.S.R.
2007Effect of substrate on the electrical transport property of Ba 2FeNbO6 double perovskite thin filmsRama, N.; Philipp, J.B.; Opel, M.; Sankaranarayanan, V.; Gross, R.; Ramachandra Rao, M.S.
2006Electrical and magnetotransport properties of Nd-based manganite nanoparticlesKrishnamoorthy, C.; Sethupathi, K.; Sankaranarayanan, V.; Nirmala, R.; Malik, S.K.
1982Electrical resistivity and superconductivity in the chevrel phase compounds of the type Cu1.8Mo6S8-ySey (0 � y � 8) and Cu1.8Mo6S8-y Tey, (0 � y � 4)Sankaranarayanan, V.; Rangarajan, G.; Srinivasan, R.; Umarji, A.M.; Subba Rao, G.V.
2010Electrical study and dielectric relaxation behavior in nanocrystalline Ce0.85Gd0.15O2-δ material at intermediate temperaturesBaral, A.K.; Sankaranarayanan, V.
2006Electrical transport properties of Dy0.5Gd4.5Si 2Ge2Nirmala, R.; Sankaranarayanan, V.; Sethupathi, K.; Morozkin, A.V.; Yamamoto, Y.; Hori, H.
1984Electron transport in Chevrel phase superconductors, Cu1.8Mo6S8-y Se y, 0�y�8 and Cu1.8Mo6S8-y Te y, 0�y�4-Fit to Cote-Meisel theorySankaranarayanan, V.; Rangarajan, G.; Srinivasan, R.