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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A high-IIP3 third-order elliptic filter with current-efficient feedforward-compensated opampsKrishnapura, N.; Agrawal, A.; Singh, S.
1994Ab initio molecular orbital calculations on complexes of chloride ion with acetonitrile and vibrational spectroscopic studiesJayaraj, A.F.; Singh, S.
1994Ab initio molecular orbital calculations on ion pair-water complexes of metal halides and oxidesMohandas, P.; Singh, S.; Chandrasekhar, J.
1993Ab initio molecular orbital calculations on ion-molecule and ion pair-molecule complexes of the water-lithium cyanide systemMohandas, P.; Shivaglal, M.C.; Singh, S.; Chandrasekhar, J.
1996Ab initio molecular orbital calculations on ion-molecule and ion-pair-molecule complexes of formamide with LiF and LiClMohandas, P.; Singh, S.
1997Ab initio study of trimethyl phosphate: Conformational analysis, dipole moments, vibrational frequencies, and barriers for conformer interconversionGeorge, L.; Viswanathan, K.S.; Singh, S.
2015Analytical modeling, simulations and experimental studies of a PZT actuated planar valveless PDMS micropumpSingh, S.; Kumar, N.; George, D.; Sen, A.K.
1994Anion-molecular interaction through CH3 groups: Model ab initio studiesJayaraj, A.F.; Singh, S.
2005Architecturally efficient FFT pruning algorithmSingh, S.; Srinivasan, S.
1975Calculation of electro optical parameters - a new approach. Application to nitromethanePrasad, P.L.; Singh, S.
1975Calculation of electro-optical parameters: A new approachPrasad, P.L.; Singh, S.
1976Calculation of optimum geometries and force fields by the CNDO/force methodKanakavel, M.; Chandrasekhar, J.; Subramanian, S.; Singh, S.
1973Chemical shifts due to long range dispersion interactionsSenthilnathan, V.P.; Singh, S.
1976CNDO/2 Molecular orbital calculations on hydrogen bond and charge transfer interactions with -electron donorsMurthy, A.S.N.; Prasad, P.L.; Singh, S.
1983Conformational analysis of some acrylates using dipole moment calculations by CNDO/force methodSanthanam, V.; Singh, S.; Sobhanadri, J.
2011Decomposition in multi-component AlCoCrCuFeNi high-entropy alloySingh, S.; Wanderka, N.; Murty, B.S.; Glatzel, U.; Banhart, J.
1987Derivative analysis of Raman spectra of liquid water in the OH (D) stretching regionSastry, M.I.S.; Singh, S.
1985Determination of force fields for two conformers of nitromethane by cndo/Force methodBrakaspathy, R.; Jothi, A.; Singh, S.
1997Dipole function for the C-H oscillatorJayaraj, A.F.; Singh, S.
1977Dipole moment derivatives from MINDO/3 semi-empirical MO calculationsPandey, P.K.K.; Chandra, P.; Prasad, P.L.; Singh, S.