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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200413C NMR and dielectric relaxation studies of methanol+nitrile systemsMadhurima, V.; Sobhanadri, J.; Murthy, V.R.K.
1982A method for the evaluation of dielectric parameters of solids at microwave frequenciesJosyulu, O.S.; Gowri Krishna, J.; Sobhanadri, J.
1993A new technique of measuring the complex dielectric permittivity of liquids at microwave frequenciesSubramanian, V.; Bellubbi, B.S.; Sobhanadri, J.
1995Ab initio calculations on some binary systems involving hydrogen bondsSathyan, N.; Santhanam, V.; Sobhanadri, J.
1989Anomalous dielectric behavior of some ferritesMurthy, S.S.N.; Murthy, V.R.K.; Sobhanadri, J.
1985Characteristics of n-CuInSe2/Au Schottky diodesPrasad, J.J.B.; Rao, D.K.; Sridevi, D.; Majhi, J.; Reddy, K.V.; Sobhanadri, J.
1985CNDO/2 and INDO all-valence-electron calculations on the dipole moment of iodine compoundsSanthanam, V.; Sobhanadri, J.
1993Comparison of the effect of processing parameters and degradation on the DC and microwave properties of thin films and polycrystalline bulk high-Tc superconducting materialsPragasam, R.; Srinivasan, C.; Murthy, V.R.K.; Viswanathan, B.; Sobhanadri, J.; Satyalakshmi, K.M.; Hegde, M.S.
1995Conductivity measurements on graphite-ferric chloride intercalation compounds by the contactless methodUsha, N.; Sobhanadri, J.; Murthy, V.R.K.
1988Conformational analysis of allyl halides from the calculation of indirect spin-spin couplingSanthanam, V.; Sobhanadri, J.; Subramaniam, S.
1996Conformational analysis of chloromethylenimine and its hydrogen-bonded dimers with water from the study of nuclear quadrupole interactionsSathyan, N.; Santhanam, V.; Sobhanadri, J.
1983Conformational analysis of some acrylates using dipole moment calculations by CNDO/force methodSanthanam, V.; Singh, S.; Sobhanadri, J.
1995Conformational study on the binary mixture acetone-methanol involving H-bondingSathyan, N.; Santhanam, V.; Madhurima, V.; Sobhanadri, J.
1995Determination of the excited state dipole moment of fluorenone using the method of solvatochromismArathi Rani, S.; Sobhanadri, J.; Prasada Rao, T.A.
2005Dielectric and 13C NMR studies of hydrogen-bonded binary systems of methanol + ketonesMadhurima, V.; Moni, M.S.; Sobhanadri, J.; Murthy, V.R.K.
1998Dielectric and conformational studies of hydrogen bonded acetone and acetonitrile systemMadhurima, V.; Sathyan, N.; Murthy, V.R.K.; Sobhanadri, J.
1982Dielectric behaviour of isocyanate-terminated polymersKrishna, J.G.; Josyulu, O.S.; Sobhanadri, J.; Subrahmaniam, R.
1983Dielectric dispersion studies of some unsaturated compounds in dilute solutionsKrishna, J.G.; Sobhanadri, J.
1973Dielectric properties of some acrylate (monomer) solutions in the microwave region - IIKhanna, R.K.; Sobhanadri, J.
1972Dielectric properties of some acrylates (monomers) in the microwave region - IKhanna, R.K.; Sobhanadri, J.