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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1971A continuous storage model with alternating random input and outputSrinivasan, S.K.; Ramani, S.
1996A direct derivation of the Dirac equation via quaternion measuresSrinivasan, S.K.; Sudarshan, E.C.G.
1986A model of cavity radiation with anti-bunched and sub-Poissonian characteristicsSrinivasan, S.K.
1975A neuron model with pre-synaptic deletion and post-synaptic accumulation decay, and threshold behaviourSrinivasan, S.K.; Sampath, G.
1986A nonMarkov model of cavity radiation with thermal characteristicsSrinivasan, S.K.
1960A note on dispersion relationsRamakrishnan, A.; Ranganathan, N.R.; Vasudevan, R.; Srinivasan, S.K.
1961A note on electron photon showersRamakrishnan, A.; Srinivasan, S.K.
1966A novel approach to the kinetic theory and hydrodynamic turbulenceSrinivasan, S.K.
1966A novel approach to the kinetic theory and hydrodynamic turbulence. IISrinivasan, S.K.
1970A stochastic model for the quantum theory in visionSrinivasan, S.K.; Rangan, A.
1977A stochastic model of neuronal firingSrinivasan, S.K.
1970Addendum to "Counter models and dependent renewal point processes related to neuronal firing"Srinivasan, S.K.; Rajamannar, G.
1987An (s, S) inventory system with poisson demands and exponential lead timeBeckmann, M.J.; Srinivasan, S.K.
1986An age-dependent model of cavity radiation and its detectionSrinivasan, S.K.
1988An age-dependent model of cavity radiation and its detection II. Anti-bunched and thermal characteristicsSrinivasan, S.K.
1981An age-dependent stochastic model for carcinogenesisSrinivasan, S.K.; Ranganathan, C.R.
1979Analysis of intermittently used 2-unit redundant systems with a single repair facilitySrinivasan, S.K.; Bhaskar, D.
1963Angular momentum analysis of photoproduction of pion pairs from a nucleonSrinivasan, S.K.; Venkatesan, K.
1986Approach to equilibrium of single-mode cavity radiationSrinivasan, S.K.; Vasudevan, R.