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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A multiplex PCR technique to characterize human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cellsRallapalli, S.; Bishi, D.K.; Verma, R.S.; Cherian, K.M.; Guhathakurta, S.
2010A novel fusion protein diphtheria toxin-stem cell factor (DT-SCF)-purification and characterizationPotala, S .; Verma, R.S.
2015A simplified protocol for the isolation and culture of cardiomyocytes and progenitor cells from neonatal mouse ventriclesVidyasekar, P.; Shyamsunder, P.; Santhakumar, R.; Arun, R.; Verma, R.S.
2008An improved protocol for primary culture of cardiomyocyte from neonatal miceSreejit, P.; Kumar, S.; Verma, R.S.
2009Antibacterial activity and chemical composition of essential oil of Pamburus missionisPavithra, P.S.; Sreevidya, N.; Verma, R.S.
2010Antibacterial activity of plants used in Indian herbal medicinePavithra, P.S .; Janani, V.S .; Charumathi, K.H .; Indumathy, R .; Potala, S .; Verma, R.S.
2013Augmented sensitivity to methotrexate by curcumin induced overexpression of folate receptor in KG-1 cellsDhanasekaran, S.; Biswal, B.K.; Sumantran, V.N.; Verma, R.S.
2013Biomimetic acellular detoxified glutaraldehyde cross-linked bovine pericardium for tissue engineeringMathapati, S.; Bishi, D.K.; Guhathakurta, S.; Cherian, K.M.; Venugopal, J.R.; Ramakrishna, S.; Verma, R.S.
2011Cardiogel supports adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of stem cells with increased oxidative stress protectionSreejit, P.; Verma, R.S.
2014Cardiogel: A nano-matrix scaffold with potential application in cardiac regeneration using mesenchymal stem cellsSanthakumar, R.; Vidyasekar, P.; Verma, R.S.
2013Characterization of electrospun fibrous scaffold produced from Indian eri silk fibroinAndiyappan, M.; Sundaramoorthy, S.; Vidyasekar, P.; Srinivasan, N.T.; Verma, R.S.
2010Development of a targeted siRNA delivery system using FOL-PEG-PEI conjugateBiswal, B.K.; Debata, N.B .; Verma, R.S.
2009Differential usage of the transport systems for folic acid and methotrexate in normal human T-lymphocytes and leukemic cellsBiswal, B.K.; Verma, R.S.
2013Enhanced cardiomyogenic lineage differentiation of adult bone-marrow-derived stem cells grown on cardiogelSreejit, P.; Verma, R.S.
2012Enhancement of adipogenic and osteogenic differentiation of human bone-marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells by supplementation with umbilical cord blood serumTekkatte, C.; Vidyasekar, P.; Kapadia, N.K.; Verma, R.S.
2012EpCAM is a putative stem marker in retinoblastoma and an effective target for T-cell-mediated immunotherapyMitra, M.; Kandalam, M.; Harilal, A.; Verma, R.S.; Krishnan, U.M.; Swaminathan, S.; Krishnakumar, S.
2012Generation of mesenchymal stem cell lines from murine bone marrowSreejit, P.; Dilip, K.B.; Verma, R.S.
2015Genome wide expression profiling of cancer cell lines cultured in microgravity reveals significant dysregulation of cell cycle and MicroRNA gene networksVidyasekar, P.; Shyamsunder, P.; Arun, R.; Santhakumar, R.; Kapadia, N.K.; Kumar, R.; Verma, R.S.
2010Genome-wide changes accompanying the knockdown of Ep-CAM in retinoblastomaMitra, M .; Kandalam, M .; Verma, R.S.; Uma Maheswari, K .; Krishnakumar, S.
2013GM-CSF-DFF40: A novel humanized immunotoxin induces apoptosis in acute myeloid leukemia cellsMathew, M.; Zaineb, K.C.; Verma, R.S.