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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997A clustering algorithm using an evolutionary programming-based approachSarkar, M.; Yegnanarayana, B.; Khemani, D.
2002A constraint satisfaction model for recognition of stop consonant-vowel (SCV) utterancesChandra, C.; Yegnanarayana, B.
1990A maximum entropy approach to interpolationFathima, S.T.; Yegnanarayana, B.
2004A still-to-video face verification system using advanced correlation filtersXie, C.; Vijaya Kumar, B.V.K.; Palanivel, S.; Yegnanarayana, B.
2002AANN: An alternative to GMM for pattern recognitionYegnanarayana, B.; Kishore, S.P.
1998An iterative algorithm for decomposition of speech signals into periodic and aperiodic componentsYegnanarayana, B.; D'Alessandro, C.; Darsinos, V.
1994Artificial neural networks for pattern recognitionYegnanarayana, B.
2009Characterization of glottal activity from speech signalsMurty, K.S.R.; Yegnanarayana, B.; Joseph, M.A.
2010Classification of sport videos using edge-based features and autoassociative neural network modelsMohan, C.K .; Yegnanarayana, B.
2006Combining evidence from residual phase and MFCC features for speaker recognitionSri Rama Murty, K.; Yegnanarayana, B.
2005Combining evidence from source, suprasegmental and spectral features for a fixed-text speaker verification systemYegnanarayana, B.; Prasanna, S.R.M.; Zachariah, J.M.; Gupta, C.S.
1983Comparative Study of Nonlinear Time Warping Techniques in Isolated Word Speech Recognition SystemsWaibel, A.; Yegnanarayana, B.; Yegnanarayana, B.
2004Content-based video classification using support vector machinesSuresh, V.; Mohan, C.K.; Swamy, R.K.; Yegnanarayana, B.
2000Data-driven temporal filters and alternatives to GMM in speaker verificationMalayath, N.; Hermansky, H.; Kajarekar, S.; Yegnanarayana, B.
1995Determination of Instants of Significant Excitation in Speech Using Group Delay FunctionSmits, R.; Yegnanarayana, B.
2007Determining number of speakers from multispeaker speech signals using excitation source informationSwamy, R.K.; Murty, K.S.R.; Yegnanarayana, B.
1998Effectiveness of a periodic and aperiodic decomposition method for analysis of voice sourcesD'Alessandro, C.; Darsinos, V.; Yegnanarayana, B.
1989Effectiveness of representation of signals through group delay functionsMadhu Murthy, K.V.; Yegnanarayana, B.
2000Enhancement of reverberant speech using LP residual signalYegnanarayana, B.; Satyanarayana Murthy, P.
2008Epoch extraction from speech signalsMurty, K.S.R.; Yegnanarayana, B.