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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1959Photo-production of pion pairs by polarised nucleonsSrinivasan, S. K.; Venkatesan, K.
1959A note on the interaction between nucleon and anti-nucleonRamakrishnan, A.; Ranganathan, N. R.; Srinivasan, S. K.
1960A note on dispersion relationsRamakrishnan, A.; Ranganathan, N.R.; Vasudevan, R.; Srinivasan, S.K.
1960On the application of the matrix calculus in the theory of geometrical difference equationsHahn, W.
1961Fluctuation problem in electromagnetic cascadesSeinivasan, S.K.
1961A note on electron photon showersRamakrishnan, A.; Srinivasan, S.K.
1962Multiple pion production in the sub-GeV regionSrinivasan, S.K.; Venkatesan, K.
1963The strip approximation and the photo-production of pions on pionsSrinivasan, S.K.,; Venkatesan, K.
1963Photo-production of pions from nucleons in the strip approximationSrinivasan, S.K.; Venkatesan, K.
1963Electromagnetic cascades and polarisation of the mediumSrinivasan, S.K.
1963Similarity conditions for pseudo plastic fluid flowChandrasekhara Swamy, N.V.
1963Angular momentum analysis of photoproduction of pion pairs from a nucleonSrinivasan, S.K.; Venkatesan, K.
1963Affine relations for vibration problems of isotropic and orthotropic platesRajappa, N.R.
1963Stress analysis of a long compound barSundara Raja Iyengar, K.T.; Alwar, R.S.
1963On the analogy between vibration and buckling phenomena of rectangular orthotropic platesRajarpa, N.R.
1963Colour centres in NaClO3 crystalsSastry, S.B.S.,; Ramasastry, C.
1963The determination of thiomalic acidAravamudan, S; Rama Rao, C
1964Rotating elliptic analysers and automatic analysis of polarised light-Part IIRajagopalan, S.R.; Ramaseshan, S.
1964Rotating elliptic analysers for the automatic analysis of polarised light-part IRajagopalan, S.R.; Ramaseshan, S.
1964Sequent correlations in evolutionary stochastic point processes and its application to cascade theoriesSrinivasan, S.K.; Iyer, K.S.S.