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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1973A (48,31,8) Linear CodeRao, V.V.; Reddy, S.M.
2009A 1.2-ns16×16Bit Binary Multiplier Using High Speed CompressorsDandapat, A.; Ghosal, S.; Sarkar, P.; Mukhopadhyay, D.
2012A 16 MHz BW 75 dB DR CT ?? ADC compensated for more than one cycle excess loop delaySingh, V.; Krishnapura, N.; Pavan, S.; Vigraham, B.; Behera, D.; Nigania, N.
2012A 19-Gb/s serial link receiver with both 4-Tap FFE and 5-Tap DFE functions in 45-nm SOI CMOSAgrawal, A.; Bulzacchelli, J.F.; Dickson, T.O.; Liu, Y.; Tierno, J.A.; Friedman, D.J.
1980A 2-Unit Priority Redundant System with Preemptive Resume RepairSubramanian,R.; Ravichandran,N.
2002A 6.7 kbps vector sum excited linear prediction on TMS320C54X digital signal processorDharani Kumar, K.N.; Prabhu, K.M.M.; Sommen, P.C.W.
1994A back-propagation algorithm applied to tool wear monitoringPurushothaman, S.; Srinivasa, Y.G.
2015A balanced maximum fillet stresses on normal contact ratio spur gears to improve the load carrying capacity through nonstandard gearsSekar, P.; Muthuveerappan, G.
1973A Bandpass Filter Using the Operational Amplifier PoleRao, K.R.; Srinivasan, S.
1989A bar finite element analogy for echinodome shellsNandakumar, C.G.; Rajagopalan, K.
1973A basic formate of uranium(VI)Sampath, S.; Aravamudan, G.
2011A Bayesian approach for the simultaneous estimation of surface heat transfer coefficient and thermal conductivity from steady state experiments on finsGnanasekaran, N.; Balaji, C.
2014A bearing cartridge assembly for long-term performance of momentum/reaction wheels used in spacecraftSathyan, K.; Hsu, H.Y.; Lee, S.H.; Gopinath, K.
1993A benchmark elasticity solution for an axisymmetrically loaded angle-ply cylindrical shellBhaskar, K.; Varadan, T.K.
2009A benchmark study on the thermal conductivity of nanofluidsBuongiorno, J.; Venerus, D.C.; Prabhat, N.; McKrell, T.; Townsend, J.; Christianson, R.; Tolmachev, Y.V.; Keblinski, P.; Hu, L.W.; Alvarado, J.L.; Bang, I.C.; Bishnoi, S.W.; Bonetti, M.; Botz, F.; Cecere, A.; Chang, Y.; Chen, G.; Chen, H.; Chung, S.J.; Chyu, M.K.; Das, S.K.; Di Paola, R.; Ding, Y.; Dubois, F.; Dzido, G.; Eapen, J.; Escher, W.; Funfschilling, D.; Galand, Q.; Gao, J.; Gharagozloo, P.E.; Goodson, K.E.; Gutierrez, J.G.; Hong, H.; Horton, M.; Hwang, K.S.; Iorio, C.S.; Jang, S.P.; Jarzebski, A.B.; Jiang, Y.; Jin, L.; Kabelac, S.; Kamath, A.; Kedzierski, M.A.; Kieng, L.G.; Kim, C.; Kim, J.H.; Kim, S.; Lee, S.H.; Leong, K.C.; Manna, I.; Michel, B.; Ni, R.; Patel, H.E.; Philip, J.; Poulikakos, D.; Reynaud, C.; Savino, R.; Singh, P.K.; Song, P.; Sundararajan, T.; Timofeeva, E.; Tritcak, T.; Turanov, A.N.; Van Vaerenbergh, S.; Wen, D.; Witharana, S.; Yang, C.; Yeh, W.H.; Zhao, X.Z.; Zhou, S.Q.
2004A better algorithm to compute field components of electromagnetic wavesKumar, L.K.; Kamakoti, V.
1997A bi-criteria model for loading on PCB assembly machinesRajkumar, K.; Narendran, T.T.
2013A bi-objective network design model for multi-period, multi-product closed-loop supply chainPazhani, S.; Ramkumar, N.; Narendran, T.T.; Ganesh, K.
1987A biaxial stress-strain response model for LMFBR reactor vesselsRao, P.B.; Raghavan, K.S.
2007A binuclear unsymmetrical compartmental NiII complex: [?-11,24-dimethyl-16,19-dioxa-3,7,15,20-tetra-aza-tricyclo[ 9,13]hepta-cosa-1(25),2,7,9,11,13(27),14,20,22(26),23-deca-ene-26, 27-diolato]bis-[diaqua-nickel(II)] bis(per-chlorate) tetra-hydrateAnbu, S.; Kandaswamy, M.; Varghese, B.