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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009B-Alkylation and Arylation of [(η5-C5Me5Mo)2B5H9]: Synthesis and Characterization of Isomeric [(η5-C5Me5Mo)2B5H9-nRn] (When R = n-Bu, n = 2, 1; R = Ph, n = 2, 1)Dhayal, R.S.; Chakrahari, K.K.V.; Ramkumar, V.; Ghosh, S.
2011B-Dynamic: An efficient algorithm for dynamic user equilibrium assignment in activity-travel networksRamadurai, G.; Ukkusuri, S.
2014B-H bond iodination of polyhedral dimolybdaborane and dimolybdathiaborane clustersChakrahari, K.K.; Thakur, A.; Anju, V.P.; Ghosh, S.
2014B-Tetrasubstituted meso-tetra(4'-n-butylphenyl)porphyrins and their metal complexes: Synthesis and structural propertiesRamkumar, V.; Bhyrappa, P.; Sarangi, U.K.; Velkannan, V.
2013Ba(Zn1/3Ta2/3)O3 ceramics reinforced high density polyethylene for microwave applicationsManu, K.M.; Soni, S.; Murthy, V.R.K.; Sebastian, M.T.
2006Back-propagation neural network for performance prediction in trickling bed air biofilterRene, E.R.; Maliyekkal, S.M.; Philip, L.; Swaminathan, T.
2005Background learning for robust face recognition with PCA in the presence of clutterRajagopalan, A.N.; Chellappa, R.; Koterba, N.T.
2005Bacterial transport in porous media: New aspects of the mathematical modelSen, T.K.; Das, D.; Khilar, K.C.; Suraishkumar, G.K.
2011Balancing knowledge strategy: Codification and personalization during product developmentKumar, J.A.; Ganesh, L.S.
2014Balancing of flexible rotor with bow using transfer matrix methodDeepthikumar, M.B.; Sekhar, A.S.; Srikanthan, M.R.
2014Ballistic impact on glass/epoxy composite laminatesSikarwar, R.S.; Velmurugan, R.
2015Banach algebra techniques to compute spectra, pseudospectra and condition spectra of some block operators with continuous symbolsKrishna Kumar, G.; Kulkarni, S.H.
1990Band fitting of ESCA peaksChandramouli, G.V.R.; Lalitha, S.; Manoharan, P.T.
1981Band gap and intergrain barrier activation energies in Bi90Sb10 thin filmsDamodara Das, V.; Jagadeesh, M.S.
1999Bandwidth-demand prediction in virtual path in ATM networks using genetic algorithmsSwaminathan, N.; Srinivasan, J.; Raghavan, S.V.
1997Banyan: A language for scalable parallel programming on loosely coupled distributed systemsRam, D.Janaki; Srikanta, T.N.; Sudhakiran, M.V.
2013Bare clusters derived from protein templates: Au25+, Au38+ and Au102+Baksi, A.; Pradeep, T.; Yoon, B.; Yannouleas, C.; Landman, U.
2013Barnacle adhesion on natural and synthetic substrates: Adhesive structure and compositionRaman, S.; Karunamoorthy, L.; Doble, M.; Kumar, R.; Venkatesan, R.
1988Baryon masses in the SU(4) skyrme modelSriram, M.S.; Lakshmibala, S.
1997Basic compressive stresses for concrete hollow block masonryKrishnan, G.; Ramamurthy, K.