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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004D-branes on Calabi-Yau manifolds and superpotentialsDouglas, M.R.; Govindarajan, S.; Jayaraman, T.; Tomasiello, A.
2001D-branes, exceptional sheaves and quivers on Calabi-Yau manifolds: From Mukai to McKayGovindarajan, S.; Jayaraman, T.
2009D-erythritol derivatives -versatile C4 chiral building blocks: Synthesis and applicationsMahalingam, S.M.; Satam, V.S.; Mishra, B.K.; Pati, H.N.
2011D-Glucosamine as a green ligand for copper catalyzed synthesis of primary aryl amines from aryl halides and ammoniaThakur, K.G.; Ganapathy, D.; Sekar, G.
2011D-Glucosamine as an efficient ligand for the copper-catalyzed selective synthesis of anilines from aryl halides and NaN 3Thakur, K.G.; Srinivas, K.S.; Chiranjeevi, K.; Sekar, G.
2011D-Glucose as green ligand for selective copper-catalyzed phenol synthesis from aryl halides with an easy catalyst removalThakur, K.G.; Sekar, G.
1984D.C. electrical conductivity and dielectric properties of MgAl2-x FexO4 spinel ferriteRadhakrishna, S.; Badarinath, K.V.S.
1999Damage assessment in reinforced concrete beams using natural frequenciesRajagopalan, N.
2006Damage characterization of unmodified and surface modified medical grade titanium alloys under fretting fatigue conditionVadiraj, A.; Kamaraj, M.
2014Damage estimation in vibrating beams from time domain experimental measurementsPokale, B.; Gupta, S.
2008Damage identification in composite beam using continuous wavelet transform applied to mode shape and strain energy dataJaya Prakash, G.; Swarnamani, S.
2014Damage identification using combined transient power flow balance and acceleration matching techniqueVarghese, C.K.; Shankar, K.K.
2004Damage mechanisms in injection molded unreinforced, glass and carbon reinforced nylon 66 spur gearsSenthilvelan, S.; Gnanamoorthy, R.
2000Damped stochastic system driven by colored noise: Analytical solution by a path integral approachMahanta, C.; Venkatesh, T.G.
2015Damping characteristics of nanoclay filled hybrid laminates during medium velocity impactMohan, T.P.; Velmurugan, R.; Kanny, K.
2006Damping characteristics of unreinforced, glass and carbon fiber reinforced nylon 6/6 spur gearsSenthilvelan, S.; Gnanamoorthy, R.
1996Damping variation through electrohydraulic servosystem: An application to active impedance controlAsokan, T.; Singaperumal, M.
2005DAPPA grafted polymer: An efficient solid phase extractant for U(VI), Th(IV) and La(III) from acidic waste streams and environmental samplesRaju, Ch.S.K.; Subramanian, M.S.
1983Data compression through a rectangular transformSivaraman, K.; Rajappan, K.P.
2012Data fusion based hybrid approach for the estimation of urban arterial travel timeAnusha, S.P.; Anand, R.A.; Vanajakshi, L.