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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979E+e- spontaneous creation in inhomogeneous magnetic fieldsAchuthan, P.; Chandramohan,T; Venkatesan,K.
2008(e,2e) study of Ca in coplanar symmetric geometryKhajuria, Y.; Deshmukh, P.C.
2007(e,2e) triple differential cross section of Mg in coplanar symmetric geometryKhajuria, Y.; Kumar, S.S.; Deshmukh, P.C.
1969E.S.R. studies of paramagnetic centres in irradiated Li2SO4. H2OHariharan, N.; Sobhanadri, J.
2008Early induction of secondary vortices for micromixing enhancementGigras, A.; Pushpavanam, S.
2013Early-stage hypogene karstification in a mountain hydrologic system: A coupled thermohydrochemical model incorporating buoyant convectionChaudhuri, A.; Rajaram, H.; Viswanathan, H.
2008Earthquake resistant design practice and research in IndiaMeher Prasad, A.; Menon, D.
2014Earthquake-induced bending moment in fixed-head piles in soft clayBanerjee, S.; Lee, F.H.; Goh, S.H.
2010Earthquake-resistant design of open ground storey RC framed buildingsDavis, R .; Menons, D .; Prasad, M.
1983Eccentric operation of conical hydrostatic thrust bearingsPrabhu, T.J.; Ganesan, N.
1994ECG data compression techniques using microprocessorsOdaiyappan, P.; Satish Kumar, K.
2015ECG steganography using curvelet transformEdward Jero, S.; Ramu, P.; Ramakrishnan, S.
1997Echo cancellation scheme for high speed digital subscriber linesWilliams, L.V.; Eswaran, C.
2014Eco-efficient and green method for the enhanced dissolution of aromatic crude oil sludge using ionic liquidsSakthivel, S.; Velusamy, S.; Gardas, R.L.; Sangwai, J.S.
2004Economic dispatch solution using hopfield neural networkSwarup, K.S.
2011Ecotoxicological risk profile of ionic liquids: Octanol-water distribution coefficients and toxicological dataVentura, S.P.M.; Gardas, R.L.; Goncalves, F.; Coutinho, J.A.
1976Eddy thermal diffusivities in liquid-fluidized bedsRagunathan, K.; Subba Raju, K.
2007Edge effects on gate tunneling current in HEMTsSathaiya, D.M.; Karmalkar, S.
2013Edge-crack diagnosis using improved two-dimensional cracked finite element and micro genetic algorithmKalanad, A.; Rao, B.N.
2000Education and training in computer applications and IT for constructionSatyanarayana, K.N.