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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987G/G/G two-unit standby redundant systemsSubramanian, R.; Natarajan, R.
1998GaAs metal insulator field effect transistors with excellent intrinsic transconductance and stable drain currents using (NH/sub 4/)/sub 2/Sx chemical treatmentRemashan, K.; Bhat, K.N.
1996Gain and noise characteristics of co- and contradirectionally pumped EDFAs with signal upconversion losses at different pump wavelengthsNair, P.; Sivaram, B.M.; Raina, J.P.
1980Gain studies on a uranine-damc dye mixture laser under nitrogen laser pumpingGovindanunny, T.; Sivaram, B.M.
2009Galactose oxidase model: Biomimetic enantiomer-differentiating oxidation of alcohols by a chiral copper complexAlamsetti, S.K.; Mannam, S.; Mutupandi, P.; Sekar, G.
2015Gallium and indium complexes containing the bis(imino)phenoxide ligand: Synthesis, structural characterization and polymerization studiesGhosh, S.; Gowda, R.R.; Jagan, R.; Chakraborty, D.
1991Galvanic corrosion behaviour of electroformed composite/metallic material couplesBalathandan, S.; Seshadri, S.K.
1984Gamma radiolysis of solutions of carbon tetrachloride in secondary alcoholsRadhakrishna, G.; Sudhakar, Ch.; Rao, V.R.S.
2014GAP: towards almost 100 percent prediction for β-strand-mediated aggregating peptides with distinct morphologiesThangakani, A.M.; Kumar, S.
2011Gas diffusion layer with PTFE gradients for effective water management in PEM fuel cellsVijay, R.; Seshadri, S.K.; Haridoss, P.
1996Gas holdup-slip velocity relationship in multistage bubble columnVinaya, M.; Varma, Y.B.G.
2004Gas phase aggregates of protected clustersCyriac, J.; Kumar, V.R.R.; Pradeep, T.
2015Gas Phase Kinetics of 2,2,2-Trifluoroethylbutyrate with the Cl Atom: An Experimental and Theoretical StudySrinivasulu, G.; Rajakumar, B.
2009Gas sensors based on superluminescent diodes for combustion monitoringVasa, N.J.; Singaperumal, M.
1992Gas-Liquid mass transfer in a down flow jet loop reactorVelan, M.; Ramanujam, T.K.
1998Gas-phase C-F bond cleavage in perfluorohexane using W-, Si-, P-, Br-, and I-containing ions: Comparisons with reactions at fluorocarbon surfacesPatrick, J.S.; Pradeep, T.; Luo, H.; Ma, S.; Cooks, R.G.
2010Gas-phase entropy generation during transient methanol droplet combustionPope, D.N .; Raghavan, V .; Gogos, G.
2013Gate leakage mechanisms in AlGaN/GaN and AlInN/GaN HEMTs: Comparison and modelingTuruvekere, S.; Karumuri, N.; Rahman, A.A.; Bhattacharya, A.; Dasgupta, A.; Dasgupta, N.
2012Gate recess structure engineering using silicon-nitride-assisted process for increased breakdown voltage in pseudomorphic HEMTsBhat, K.M.; Mandal, S.; Pathak, S.; Saravanan, G.S.; Sridhar, C.; Badnikar, S.L.; Vyas, H.P.; Muralidharan, R.; Jain, M.K.; Subrahmanyam, A.
1996Gaussian-elimination-based algorithm for solving linear equations on mesh-connected processorsMurthy, K.N.B.; Murthy, C.S.R.