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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012I 2-TEMPO as an efficient oxidizing agent for the one-pot conversion of alcohol to amide using FeCl 3 as the catalystDas, R.; Chakraborty, D.
2009I-Fuzzy equivalence relations and I-fuzzy partitionsJayaram, B.; Mesiar, R.
1998I-V characteristics of resonant tunneling devices: Difference equation methodKrishnamurthy, S.; Chen, A.B.; Sher, A.
2010Ic engine supercharging and exhaust gas recirculation using jet compressorKalaisselvane, A .; Alagumurthy, N .; Palaniradja, K .; Selvaraj Gunasegarane, G.
1982Ice-nucleating behavior of MAg4I5 (M = Rb, K, NH4) compoundsGobinathan, R.; Hariharan, K.; Ramasamy, P.
2015Icosahedral Cluster Energetics in Zr60Cu10Al15Ni15 Bulk Metallic Glass and Their Role on Solidification BehaviorVincent, S.; Satish Idury, K.S.N.; Gokhale, A.; Basu, J.; Murty, B.S.; Bhatt, J.
2015Identification and prioritization of coordination barriers in humanitarian supply chain managementKabra, G.; Ramesh, A.; Arshinder, K.
2010Identification of a novel estrogen receptor-? variant and its upstream splicing regulatorOhshiro, K .; Mudvari, P .; Meng, Q.C .; Rayala, S.K .; Sahin, A.A .; Fuqua, S.A.W .; Kumar, R.
2014Identification of admixture for pelletization and strength enhancement of sintered coal pond ash aggregate through statistically designed experimentsVasugi, V.; Ramamurthy, K.
2010Identification of breaking events from the responses of a data buoyBalaji, R.; Sannasiraj, S.A .; Sundar, V.
2010Identification of cognitive processes of effective and ineffective students during computer programmingRenumol, V.G .; Janakiram, D .; Jayaprakash, S.
2007Identification of compositions with highest glass forming ability in multicomponent systems by thermodynamic and topological approachesRao, B.S.; Bhatt, J.; Murty, B.S.
2013Identification of crack in a structural member using improved radial basis function (IRBF) neural networksMachavaram, R.; Krishnapillai, S.
2013Identification of critical net positive suction head from noise and vibration in a radial flow pump for different leading edge profiles of the vaneChristopher, S.; Kumaraswamy, S.
2011Identification of defects on highly reflective coated ring components using dark field illumination and image segmentation using simple thresholding techniqueSingaperumal, M.; Ramamoorthy, B.; Sureshrao, S.P.; Boby, R.A.
2011Identification of defects on highly reflective ring components and analysis using machine visionBoby, R.A.; Sonakar, P.S.; Singaperumal, M.; Ramamoorthy, B.
2014Identification of design parameters influencing manufacture and properties of cold-bonded pond ash aggregateVasugi, V.; Ramamurthy, K.
2015Identification of effective substrates for the direct analysis of lipids from cell lines using desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometrySrimany, A.; Jayashree, B.; Krishnakumar, S.; Elchuri, S.; Pradeep, T.
2013Identification of efflux proteins using efficient radial basis function networks with position-specific scoring matrices and biochemical propertiesOu, Y.Y.; Chen, S.A.; Chang, Y.M.; Velmurugan, D.; Fukui, K.; Michael Gromiha, M.
2010Identification of encryption method for block ciphers using histogram methodNagireddy, S .; Murthy, H.A .; Kant, S.