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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007K-theory of quasi-toric manifoldsSankaran, P.; Uma, V.
2010K-Tree: A multiple tree video multicast protocol for Ad hoc wireless networksTamma, B.R .; Badam, A .; Siva Ram Murthy, C .; Rao, R.R.
1973Kadmiyevyye tsyentry v galogyenidakh tsyeziya i r ubidiyaRadhakrishna, S.; Narayanan, R.
2011Kalman-based strategies for Fault Detection and Identification (FDI): Extensions and critical evaluation for a buffer tank systemVillez, K.; Srinivasan, B.; Rengaswamy, R.; Narasimhan, S.; Venkatasubramanian, V.
2007KB-GA-based hybrid system for layout planning of multistory buildingsMashood, P.K.; Krishnamoorthy, C.S.; Ramamurthy, K.
1993KBES for design of steel structural elementsGhosh, D.K.; Kalyanaraman, V.
2004Kernel based clustering for multiclass dataSatish, D.S.; Sekhar, C.C.
1995Kerr cell system for the measurement of high voltage transient pulsesRajagopal; Krishnamurthy; Prasada Rao; Tetali Ananda
1991Kerr effect in binary liquid mixturesPhilip, J.; Rao, T.A.P.
1980Kerr effect in KCl:Pb2+ and KCl:Cu+Srinivasan,K.; Balakrishnan, G.
2000Kerr effect investigations in a liquid crystalSinha, A.; Rao, T.A.P.; Murthy, V.R.K.; Dabrowski, R.
1998Kerr effect investigations in liquid crystalline isothiocyanateSinha, A.; Prasada Rao, T.A.; Murthy, V.R.K.; Dabrowski, R.
1998Kerr Effect of Some New Organic Kerr SolutionsRajagopal, K.; Prasada Rao, T.A.; Viswanathan, B.
1991Kerr effect studies in acetonitrile-aromatic hydrocarbon systemsPhilip, J.; Rao, T.A.P.
1992Kerr-effect investigations in a nematic liquid crystalPhilip, J.; Prasada Rao, T.A.
2014Key factors that affect the performance of flares against a heat-seeking air-to-air missileVenkatesan, R.H.; Sinha, N.K.
1988Kinematic analysis of knee-ankle mechanism for an above knee prosthesisChakraborty, J.K.; Patil, K.M.
2005Kinematic coupling effects on heat-release transfer function of a premixed flameSantosh, H.; Sujith, R.I.
2010Kinematics of a fluid particle due to interaction of fixed inviscid vortex filaments in presence of external translation and pulsationJayavel, S.; Tiwari, S .; Biswas, G.; Sen, M.
2001Kinetic analyses of mitochondrial 75selenium uptake in Trigonella foenum-graecum seedlings exposed to selenium and mimosineSreekala, M.; Lalitha, K.