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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1974Tachyons via supersonicsShankara, T.S.
2008Tactical locomotive fleet sizing for freight train operationsGodwin, T.; Gopalan, R.; Narendran, T.T.
2008Tailoring calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite nanocarriers for enhanced release of antibioticsVictor, S.P.; Kumar, T.S.S.
2014Tailoring of crystal phase and Nel temperature of cobalt monoxides nanocrystals with synthetic approach conditionsRavindra, A.V.; Behera, B.C.; Padhan, P.; Lebedev, O.I.; Prellier, W.
2014Tailoring recognition clefts from non-specific recognition matrices in mixed molecular arraysRamesh, N.; Patnaik, A.
2014Tailoring strained oxanorbornane headgroups to dimensionally controlled nanostructures through hydrogen bondingRamesh, N.; Ganesan, M.; Sarangi, N.K.; Muraleedharan, K.M.; Patnaik, A.
2010Tailoring the bioactivity of commercially pure titanium by grain refinement using groove pressingThirugnanam, A .; Sampath Kumar, T.S .; Chakkingal, U.
2007Tailoring the precipitation in Al alloys through local plastic deformationKrishna, B.V.; Ram, G.D.J.
2013Taking light for a walkWarrier, A.R.; Vijayan, C.
2015Tandem 1,2-sulfur migration and (aza)-Diels-Alder reaction of ?-thio-?-diazoimines: Rhodium catalyzed synthesis of (fused)-polyhydropyridines, and cyclohexenesYadagiri, D.; Anbarasan, P.
2009Tandem alkylation - Michael addition to vinylogous carbonates for the stereoselective construction of 2,3,3,6-tetrasubstituted tetrahydropyransGharpure, S.J.; Reddy, S.R.B.
2014Tandem nucleophilic addition/oxa-michael reaction for the synthesis of cis-2,6-disubstituted tetrahydropyransGharpure, S.J.; Prasad, J.V.K.; Bera, K.
2010Tandem radical cyclization-based strategy for the synthesis of oxa- and aza-cages: a case of fragmentation versus cyclizationGharpure, S.J .; Porwal, S.K.
2010Tandem SN2-Michael addition to vinylogous carbonates for the stereoselective construction of 2,3,3,5-tetrasubstituted tetrahydrofuransGharpure, S.J .; Reddy, S.R.B.
1994Tandem transformations of N-alkyl-N-allenylmethylanilines to N-alkyl-2-ethenylindolesBalasubramanian, T.; Balasubramanian, K.K.
2014Target Path Iteration method for trajectory control of shipsBhattacharyya, S.K.; Gupta, D.K.
2006Targeted guanine oxidation by a dinuclear copper(II) complex at single stranded/double stranded DNA junctionsLi, L.; Murthy, N.N.; Telser, J.; Zakharov, L.N.; Yap, G.P.A.; Rheingold, A.L.; Karlin, K.D.; Rokita, S.E.
2011Targeting head and neck squamous cell carcinoma using a novel fusion toxin-diphtheria toxin/HN-1Potala, S.; Verma, R.S.
1997Task allocation algorithms for maximizing reliability of distributed computing systemsKartik, S.; Ram Murthy, C.S.
1989Task assignment in a multiprocessor systemSiva Ram Murthy, C.; Rajaraman, V.