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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Wake-boundary layer interaction subject to convex and concave curvatures and adverse pressure gradientTulapurkara, E.G.; Khoshnevis, A.B.; Narasimhan, J.L.
1977Wall shear stress prediction in three-dimensional turbulent boundary layersSwamy, N.V.C.; Aswatha Narayana, P.A.
2010Wall thinning defect estimation using pulsed IR thermography in transmission modeVageswar, A.; Balasubramaniam, K.; Krishnamurthy, C.V.
1973Walsh Function Generators for Minimum Orthogonality ErrorBesslich, P.W.
1993Warm open-die extrusion of Ti- 6Al- 4VSrinivasan, K.; Venugopal, P.
1998Waste treatment system modelling using neural networksMohan, S.; Keshavan, M.
2014Water assisted crystallization, gas sensing and photo-electrochemical properties of electrochemically synthesized TiO2 nanotube arraysRao, B.M.; Roy, S.C.
2014Water dispersible Ag@polyaniline-pectin as supercapacitor electrode for physiological environmentAmarnath, C.A.; Venkatesan, N.; Doble, M.; Sawant, S.N.
2009Water distribution network design using heuristics-based algorithmMohan, S.; Babu, K.S.J.
2003Water permeability assessment of alternative masonry systemsAnand, K.B.; Vasudevan, V.; Ramamurthy, K.
2000Water quality study of Cauvery using WASPRajamanickam, R.; Thandaveswara, B.S.
2010Water-soluble organic carbon, dicarboxylic acids, ketoacids, and ?-dicarbonyls in the tropical Indian aerosolsPavuluri, C.M .; Kawamura, K .; Swaminathan, T.
1997Watershed Run-off using FEMKar, A.; Rao, H.S.
1986Wave characteristics off the South East Coast of IndiaSundar, V.
1992Wave climate in a groin fieldSundar, V.; Noethel, H.; Holz, K.P.
2006Wave data assimilation using ensemble error covariances for operational wave forecastSannasiraj, S.A.; Babovic, V.; Chan, E.S.
1998Wave forces and moments on an intake wellSundaravadivelu, R.; Sundar, V.; Rao, T.S.
2002Wave forces on a seawater intake caissonNeelamani, S.; Uday Bhaskar, N.; Vijayalakshmi, K.
1991Wave forces on a single and on a group of cylinders in response to two wave spectra of same significant wave heightMeenakshi Sundaram, S.; Madheswaran, C.K.
2002Wave forces on a vertical cylinder defenced by a perforated vertical and inclined barriersNeelamani, S.; Reddy, M.G.M.