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Title: Electronic, magnetic, and structural properties of Sr2MnRuO 6 and LaSrMnRuO6 double perovskites
Authors: Woodward, P.M.
Goldberger, J.
Stoltzfus, M.W.
Eng, H.W.
Ricciardo, R.A.
Santhosh, P.N.
Karen, P.
Moodenbaugh, A.R.
Keywords: (PL) properties; Magnetic (CE); Perovskites; Perovskite; Strontium; Structural properties
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 91(6), 1796-1806
Abstract: The perovskites Sr2MnRuO6 and LaSrMnRuO6 have been investigated and their properties compared with those of the broader family of A2MRuO6 double perovskites (A=Sr, La; M=Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni). Neutron powder diffraction shows that both phases lack long-range Mn/Ru order. Sr2MnRuO6 exhibits a cooperative Jahn-Teller distortion, conductivity that proceeds via variable-range hopping, and antiferromagnetic (AFM) order (C-type structure, TN?200K, 2.05(1) ?B per transition metal). LaSrMnRuO6 exhibits nearly undistorted octahedra, conductivity that proceeds via diffusion-assisted small-polaron hopping, and ferromagnetic (FM) order (TC?220K, 1.60(4) ?B transition metal). Band structure calculations show that AFM Mn-O-Ru coupling optimizes polarization of the Ru t2g orbitals, while FM coupling favors delocalization of the Ru t2g electrons. The transition from antiferromagnetism to ferromagnetism is linked to a loss of orbital order and stabilized over competing glassy states by delocalization of Ru t2g electrons. � 2008 The American Ceramic Society.
ISSN: 27820
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