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Title: Hydrogen-bond network in isomeric phenylenedipropynoic acids and their DABCO salts. Water mediated helical hydrogen bond motifs
Authors: Saravanakumar, R.
Varghese, B.
Sankararaman, S.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: CrystEngComm,11(2),337-346
Abstract: The crystal structures of isomeric phenylenedipropynoic acids (PPA) are reported. 1,2-PPA shows an intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bonded 2D layered sheet structure. 1,4-PPA also has a 2D layered sheet structure. However the hydrogen bond is mediated by water molecules in the lattice. 1,3-PPA has an interpenetrating 3D structure without any void. The lattice of 1,3-PPA consists of two types of helical hydrogen bond network mediated by water molecules. The crystal structures of the DABCO salts of the 1,2-PPA and 1,4-PPA also show an interesting 3D and 2D hydrogen bond network, respectively.
ISSN: 14668033
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