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Title: Natural convection inside a bidisperse porous medium enclosure
Authors: Narasimhan, A .
Reddy, B.V.K.
Keywords: Bi-dispersion
Bidisperse porous medium
Core region
Darcy number
Differential heating
Macropore volume
Modified Rayleigh
Number of blocks
Numerical results
Numerical simulation
Porous blocks
Rayleigh number
Side walls
Computer simulation
Heat exchangers
Heat transfer
Natural convection
Numerical analysis
Porous materials
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Journal of Heat Transfer, 132(1), 1-9
Abstract: Bidisperse porous medium (BDPM) consists of a macroporous medium whose solid phase is replaced with a microporous medium. This study investigates using numerical simulations, steady natural convection inside a square BDPM enclosure made from uniformly spaced, disconnected square porous blocks that form the microporous medium. The side walls are subjected to differential heating, while the top and bottom ones are kept adiabatic. The bidispersion effect is generated by varying the number of blocks (N2), macropore volume fraction (?E), and internal Darcy number (DaI) for several enclosure Rayleigh numbers (Ra). Their effect on the BDPM heat transfer (Nu) is investigated. When Ra is fixed, the Nu increases with an increase in both DaI and DaE. At low Ra values, Nu is strongly affected by both DaI and ?E. When N2 is fixed, at high Ra values, the porous blocks in the core region have negligible effect on the Nu. A correlation is proposed to evaluate the heat transfer from the BDPM enclosure, Nu, as a function of Ra?, DaE, DaI, and N2. It predicts the numerical results of Nu within �15% and �9% in two successive ranges of modified Rayleigh number, Ra?DaE. Copyright � 2010 by ASME.
ISSN: 221481
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