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Title: Effective Floquet Hamiltonians for dipolar and quadrupolar coupled N-spin systems in solid state nuclear magnetic resonance under magic angle spinning
Authors: Pandey, M.K .
Krishnan, M.S.
Keywords: Coupled systems
Effective Hamiltonian
Floquet Hamiltonian
Floquet theory
Magic angle spinning
Numerical simulation
Quadrupolar interactions
Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance
Spin systems
Theoretical approach
Computer simulation
Magnetic resonance
Spin dynamics
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Journal of Chemical Physics, 133(17)
Abstract: Spin dynamics under magic angle spinning has been studied using different theoretical approaches and also by extensive numerical simulation programs. In this article we present a general theoretical approach that leads to analytic forms for effective Hamiltonians for an N-spin dipolar and quadrupolar coupled system under magic angle spinning (MAS) conditions, using a combination of Floquet theory and van Vleck (contact) transformation. The analytic forms presented are shown to be useful for the study of MAS spin dynamics in solids with the help of a number of simulations in two, three, and four coupled, spin-1/2 systems as well as spins in which quadrupolar interactions are also present. � 2010 American Institute of Physics.
ISSN: 219606
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