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Title: In-situ synthesis of TiC/SiC/Ti 3SiC 2 composite coatings by spark plasma sintering
Authors: Singh, A.
Bakshi, S.R.
Virzi, D.A.
Keshri, A.K.
Agarwal, A.
Harimkar, S.P.
Keywords: Ceramics; Coating materials; Elemental maps; Holding time; In-situ synthesis; Phase evolutions; Powder mixtures; Sintered coatings; Spark plasma; Ti substrates; Titanium substrates; Uniaxial pressures; Wear test; Wear weight loss; Ceramic materials; Diffraction; Electric sparks; Plating; Powder metallurgy; Silicon carbide; Spark plasma sintering; Titanium; X ray diffraction; X rays; Composite coatings
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Surface and Coatings Technology, 205(13-14), 3840-3846
Abstract: Composite coatings consisting of TiC/SiC/Ti 3SiC 2 phases have been synthesized using spark plasma sintering (SPS) of Ti/SiC/C powder mixture on titanium substrate. The processing of composite coatings was achieved at 1300�C and 1400�C with a uniaxial pressure of 90MPa and holding time of 8min. Identification and quantification of the phases have been performed using x-ray diffraction (XRD). X-ray elemental maps obtained using EDS have been used to analyze the evolution of various phases and their distribution in the microstructure. A tentative mechanism for phase evolution based on exothermic reactions between various constituent powders has been proposed. Microhardness of the spark plasma sintered coatings was found to be ~3 times that of the Ti substrate resulting in ~100 times lower wear weight loss in ball-on-disc wear tests. � 2011 Elsevier B.V.
ISSN: 2578972
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