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Title: Fabrication and response of Al70Y16Ni 10Co4 glass reinforced metal matrix composites
Authors: Prashanth, K.G.
Kumar, S.
Scudino, S.
Murty, B.S.
Eckert, J.
Keywords: Abrasion tests; Abrasive wears; Al-Mg-Si; Aluminum matrix composites; Extruded alloys; Metal matrix composites; Reinforced metal matrix composites; Wear properties; Abrasion; Aluminum; Glass; Hot pressing; Mechanical properties; Powder metallurgy; Metallic matrix composites
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 26(10), 1242-1247
Abstract: Al70Y16Ni10Co4 glass was developed through powder metallurgy route. Al-based glass-reinforced metal matrix composites were produced by hot pressing and simultaneous extrusion of these powders.The consolidation parameters were selected from systematic calorimetric studies. The response of these composites is superior mechanical properties, and these properties increases with glassy reinforcement. Remarkable improvement in the wear properties were observed when subjected to abrasion test. The abrasive wear rate has been decreased from 2.46�10 -4m3/m for commercial Al-Mg-Si (6061) extruded alloy to 0.373�10-4m3/m for 50 vol% glass reinforced 6061 composite. Similar improvements were observed with glass-reinforced aluminum matrix composites. Plowing as well as pullout of particles during abrasion tests corresponds to the wear of these composites. Copyright � Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
ISSN: 10426914
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